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   Chapter 1459 The Omnipotent Gas (Part One)

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Austin started to prepare himself for the refining. However, everything seemed difficult at first. Apparently, he needed to endure before things started to get easy. According to the instructions written on the jade slip, successfully refining an Omnipotent Pot was a rather laborious and complicated thing.

One of the hardest parts about it was to manipulate the spiritual sense accurately to succeed in each process. To begin with, Austin needed to turn some parts of his spiritual sense into the shape of an ancient pod. Simply put, it was just like forming an object using a clay. The challenge was that the spiritual sense was not that easy to mold.

Once he finished that task, he must engrave many complicated and abstruse patterns on the pot that were indicated in the instructions. This was the most troublesome part for him. It took both time and patience. But only after Austin had done it, would he be able to carve this pot of spiritual sense onto the Omnipotent Pot and finished marking this treasure.

Maybe this was also another thing that made the Omnipotent Pot different from other ordinary treasures. In his past treasure marking experience, Austin only had to extract a small part of his spiritual sense. He only needed to make it into a mark and then attached it onto the treasure. It was as simple as that. Never before did he need to draw such a complicated stamp. It seemed that the Omnipotent Pot was quite demanding.

It was not just like drawing some simple pictures. It required the casting master to have a strong spiritual sense. At the same time, the master should have good control of it to manipulate it precisely throughout the process. Moreover, he needed to know the different characteristics of souls well enough to make sure that the pot he cast would be of high quality.

To sum it up, it was no easy task to forge the mark for the Omnipotent Pot. However, Austin was not the kind of person to give up at the beginning.


ad rung a big bell. This took him by surprise since he had spent days after days in silence and hard working.

The next thing he knew, an ancient pot full of spiritual energy took shape there. It appeared real and concrete.

His hard work and restless days paid off. It was not a disappointment. Exquisite and beautiful patterns could be seen all over its body. It was not that big, yet it reeked of nobleness and grandness. It materialized like a fine piece of art from the ancient time.

It had been newly formed, yet it seemed to be filled with so much history. It was like it had been existing long enough to see the world. Most importantly, it had met all the requirements of the jade slip's instructions.

"What the hell is that pot, bloke?" the Flame Emperor exclaimed. "Have you forged your spiritual sense into this strange pot? Well...I don't like it. It doesn't look like a friend to me. Just get it away from me, far, far away!" he said as he flinched a bit.

Still taking the form of a spiritual soul, the Flame Emperor was very wary of any possible danger. The moment this ancient pot was completed, it somehow made him uncomfortable. The pot gave him the willies. He could not help but cower into a corner. He remained at the edge of Austin's Soul Sea, watching the pot from the distance.

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