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   Chapter 1458 The Most Important Treasure Of Human Race

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"Well, I see. You've already had your eye on her, haven't you?" the Flame Emperor said.

His tone hinted that he was teasing Austin.

Austin, in return, rolled his eyes at the remark but didn't bark out a reply.

"Caroline. Her name is Caroline. Such a beautiful name," Austin murmured with a slight smile.

Her name rolled off his tongue like a sweet melody he was so eager to hear.

He then sat down cross-legged on the street.

"Is this old pot an intelligent magic treasure?

I was pursued and intrigued because of it.

All right. I'm going to study it," he muttered.

He finally made up his mind. Soon, he unleashed his spiritual sense to scan his elixir field.

He spotted the old pot with three legs floating in his elixir field.

"I hope I will have a better time with you than I did with the Fire Stela," Austin said.

He hoped that he would not have trouble with this old pot like he did with the Fire Stela.

He couldn't summon the Fire Stela out since it wouldn't come out of his elixir field unless his life was in grave danger.

It might not yield when he called it without threat, but it surely had saved his life several times.

Austin used his spiritual sense to explore the old pot further.

Soon his spiritual sense successfully got inside it.


Austin saw a world with yellow gas floating in the air. He was at a loss by the scene.

'Is this the inner space of the old pot?' he wondered, feeling surprised.

He scanned the space once more.

''I didn't expect it to be like this.'

A few seconds later, Austin caught sight of something that emitted a golden light. As he had a closer look at it, he saw the characters: Omnipotent Pot.

Austin was surprised and a little shaken up as he figured out the pot's name.

'So the ancient pot in my elixir field is the Omnipotent Pot?' he thought, eyes wide open in astonishment.

'When those human masters were having an argument with those members from the beast race over the old palace, the human master who released the purple aura mentioned that Omnipotent Pot was the most important treasure in human history, ' he completely recalled.

Hence, he was shocked when he saw the character lighting up. It was written all over his face as he continued to stare at it for a few more seconds.

At first, he thought that the old pot was just some common intelligent magic treasure.

But it turned out that the pot was the legendary Omnipotent Pot—the priceless treasure the humans cherished the most.

ng to regain his lost spiritual sense.

It took him longer to recover. He meditated for over half a day until he felt better.

Despite those failures, Austin didn't lose hope. He had a strong heart. 'Omnipotent Pot is the most valuable treasure to the human race. I bet the martial skills inside it must be super powerful. If I can get even one skill, I can greatly improve my battle force, ' he thought.

Austin went again. This time, he tried to check the last jade slip in the Omnipotent Pot with his spiritual sense.

To his great delight, no tremendous power showed up when his spiritual sense touched the jade slip.

'Oh, yeah!' he exclaimed in sheer joy. He finally got a hold of one jade slip!

Not wasting another minute, he immediately checked the jade slip using his spiritual sense.

After a while, he had read all the information recorded on the jade slip.

This jade slip recorded the method of refining the Omnipotent Pot. This was a great discovery for him.

Austin went through the content several times. He read it over and over again. He didn't withdraw his spiritual sense until he was able to memorize it.

"All right. I will refine this pot," Austin said excitedly.

After so many failures, he finally had the chance to explore and utilize the pot further.

He still had no idea why the Omnipotent Pot would be the most important treasure to the human race, but he was sure that it had earned this title for some reason.

And he was determined to know what reason that was, no matter what it took. He had tried so hard to reach one of the slips and he was willing to do it again if it meant that he could get to know the pot better.

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