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   Chapter 1457 The Name Is Caroline

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A long cyan arrow followed Austin and the queen into the river.


A deafening sound emanated when the arrow instantly fell and blasted the riverbed. It intensely shook the ground nearby with great force. The great river was about four to five hundred meters in width, and the explosion caused its water from the downstream river to shoot up towards the sky.

The strong splash of water looked like a sudden downpour.

The beast rider's brows furrowed as he had lost track of Austin. He had chased him and his girl for half a day, and now at this very crucial moment, they just disappeared.

"Impossible! Damned!"

He was exasperated. A surge of spiritual sense constantly erupted from his Soul Sea as he attempted to sense the river before him.

His frustration grew as he continuously looked for Austin and the queen. He had thoroughly searched the downstream and upstream parts of the river, extending to roughly three to four kilometers in length to look for them but found nothing.

At this very moment, Austin and the queen were safe and had already been transferred into the City model.

The City model had been transformed into a grain of sand. It started to move downstream along the river torrent.

Austin kept his guard up. He immediately released his spiritual sense so he could sense the movements outside his City model.

In a little while, he sensed the beast rider hovered by the river in an attempt to look for his trace.

Austin was ecstatic when he found out that even a Emperor Realm warrior couldn't sense the existence of his City model.

They had been chased and hunted for half a day, and it took them a while before they found refuge at his City model. When he confirmed that the beast rider failed to locate them, he was finally able to breathe and relax.

Austin was unfamiliar about his City model's true nature ever since he got it.

However, it seemed that this magic treasure was very precious, unique, and high-class, that even the Emperor Realm warrior was unable to sense it.

Even though the torrents in the river raged and flowed rapidly, the grain of sand, which had been the City model, started to move downstream.

"Could it be that the kid has already comprehended the enlightening meaning of the water so that he can hide under the water and not be discovered by others?"

the beast rider muttered to himself while he walked in midair above the surface of the water and checked for any trace of Austin.

"If that is the case, I

true name to Austin, her face turned scarlet from embarrassment. She then hurriedly made an excuse to save her herself from the awkward situation.

She hastily moved her body, walked up the street, and then disappeared.

The queen's strange behavior baffled Austin.

The atmosphere suddenly became weird and this confused him.

The Flame emperor teased Austin. "Haha, kid. I was right.

The girl from the evil shadow race has fallen in love with you. Come on, be a man! Take her and give her a happy life,"

his complacent voice echoed inside Austin's Soul Sea.

"Don't bullshit,"

Austin scolded him angrily.

"Don't lose your temper to me. Her recent behaviors have told me everything that I need to know. Haven't you realized her feeling towards you?"

the Flame Emperor replied, with a big smile on his face.

"I have known that a long time ago.

But it still comes to me so suddenly."

Austin couldn't help but grin when he recalled the queen's embarrassment.

The queen had always acted as dignified and matured. However, when she blushed, she could be so lovely and inviting.

"I won't rush anything related to my relationship with the queen. A good marriage is worthy of waiting," Austin said to himself as well as to the Flame Emperor.

Austin was already impressed with the queen's sincerity, beauty, and wisdom.

In spite of this, he was shy and didn't know how to pursue a girl. Instead, he spent most of his energy and time in improving his cultivation base.

Such being the case, he had overlooked the queen's love for him, until now, the queen's embarrassment made it known to him that she had always admired and loved him.

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