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   Chapter 1456 Run, Austin! Run!

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The beast rider that was behind them continued to count.

A terrifying aura was felt from the long arrow held by the beast rider. Austin couldn't deny it. He clearly knew that no matter how fast he moved, he couldn't beat the rider's arrow.

That was because he had already been locked by that long arrow.

Some magic treasures, such as the arrow and bow could automatically track the targets. They wouldn't stop until the targets were hit.

Austin had thought of the situation and realized that it wasn't a good option to use his bodily movement skill in an attempt to run away from the beast rider.

There was no other way out but to hide in his own City model.

But suddenly, the gnome's voice echoed in Austin's Soul Sea and said, "Austin, it is a dangerous situation that you're into right now. I advise you to pass through the space and enter the void where the flying arrow will lose its target. Then, you'll be safe."

When Austin had heard the advice from the gnome, he was encouraged and decided to give it a shot.


Okay. You are really tough. I'll give you that.

But tough guys die sooner than others.

It's time to die now,"

the beast rider said in a cruel tone.


A long cyan arrow was fired, and it was crossing the space and whistling towards Austin, with earsplitting noises.

What Austin had seen gave him goosebumps. He could sense that death was waiting for him.

Without any hesitation, Austin stretched out his hand to touch the space before him. Then he suddenly employed the spatial force.

With the blink of an eye, the space before Austin started to ripple.

Austin took the queen's slender hand and stepped inside the space. Suddenly, the two figures disappeared completely.


After a short while, the long arrow whistled through where Austin and the queen just stood. It missed its target.

"What the fuck!"

the beast rider couldn't help but shout madly. His eyes were fixed at the exact location where Austin disappeared as he just couldn't believe what he just saw.

"It's impossible that a Primal Holy Realm kid just passed through the space! Are you kidding me? He should have been too weak to do that,"

the beast rider muttered to himself. He seemed to find it beyond his understanding.

By then, the long cyan arrow he

r wouldn't leave until Austin got out of the City model. Then, he would become an easy prey.

When the beast rider realized that Austin must hide in some hidden shelter, he might track him down by following some tiny clues and finally find the City model. It would be the last thing Austin wanted to see.

"This is bad. I must find a way to save myself,"

Austin thought to himself.

He had thought so hard and used his time to strategize. Then an idea popped into his mind.

He could find a river and then used his City model to help him escape.

Austin had used this strategy for so many times and it never failed him. So, in the face of this formidable enemy, Austin decided to give it a shot.

While they were running, Austin gradually released his spiritual sense.

A few moments had passed when an actual huge river was in front of his own eyes. He was in a great surprise when he realized that it was not far away from him.

He witnessed the fast flowing water that kept on moving forward from the river. It was four to five hundred meters in width. This was exactly the river which Austin wanted.

"Okay, I'm counting on you now,"

Austin emphasized. He had no choice but to drag the queen and employ the Diabolic Flashing Skill.

In an instant, they appeared in the midair above the river.

Without a doubt, they fell and dived into the river. They almost hit the riverbed.

"Fuck you! This time, I will make sure that I won't let you escape from me,"

the scaled beast rider roared as he appeared in the riverside.

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