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   Chapter 1455 The Frightful Beast Riders

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"Young man, you'd better get away from here quickly.

The members of the Vasteras Holy Land and the Sikong Clan are already here.

The cultivators of the other two holy lands and the other clans will also be here soon.

You will definitely not get anything if you continue to stay here.

You already have one intelligent magic treasure, right?

You can only keep it if you leave now.

If the people from the holy lands and the powerful clans will find you here, they will surely take that from you."

The Flame Emperor tried to warn Austin in his Soul Sea.

At that time, Austin was staring at the ancient palace above the volcanic crater from afar.

This ancient palace might be the place left by a great master of the Immortal Transforming Realm so there could be a lot of treasures and precious opportunities for cultivation there.

However, Austin was currently too weak to enter the palace. So all he could do was to stare at it from afar.

Austin was unwilling to give up but he also knew that the Flame Emperor was right.

"You're right. We should leave this place as soon as possible." Austin nodded in agreement.

He and the queen of the evil shadow race then tried to get out of the Black-wind Beast World.

They didn't think of the ancient palace anymore.

However, before they could go any further, someone spoke again.

"One kilometer around this area is blocked now and no one is allowed to leave without our permission!"

Austin looked around to see who was talking but he couldn't see anyone.

"Whoever got the intelligent magic treasure must give it to us. You can only leave this place after we make sure that you don't have it. If you don't follow what we said, we will kill you right away!" the voice continued.

It seemed to be coming from the sky and it was as loud as thunder.

All of a sudden, the members of the Vasteras Holy Land and the Sikong Clan rushed in all directions to block the whole area.

The beast riders of the Vasteras Holy Land and troops of the Sikong Clan made loud noises causing the place to stir up like boiling water.

"Let's go! Hurry!" Austin held the queen's hand quickly while launching his Diabolic Flashing Skill.

For a split second, they went sixty kilometers away from that place.

Austin's movements and speed were way faster than the queen so he should take the lead.

In this crucial situation, all h

ll go faster.

This was really a crucial situation. He must think of the way to escape and make sure the queen was safe.

"Austin, find an opportunity to get into your City model! No one knows your City model's level but I am sure that the cultivator of the Emperor Realm cannot sense it."

Just in time, Austin heard the Flame Emperor's voice from his Soul Sea again.

"Yes, that's right!" Austin nodded his head.

Now that he was reminded of his City model, he somehow felt relieved.

He shouldn't waste any time. He needed to immediately find an opportunity to get into his City model.

"All right. That's enough. I don't have much patience to play with you, you two pathetic ants!" The beast rider's voice echoed all over the place once again.

"Give the intelligent magic treasure to me right away or else you will both die!"

Austin knew that the beast rider was deadly serious. He couldn't gamble the queen's life so he must act quickly.

The beast rider stretched his left hand that was holding a cyan bow which was more than two meters long.

In his right hand was a cyan arrow that was more than one meter long. He put the arrow on the bow and aimed at Austin and the queen's direction.

Instantly, Austin felt the sharp aura that hit him. He tried to escape but his body froze.

This time he felt that he was getting closer to death.

"By the time I count to three, you'd better give me the intelligent magic treasure. Or else, I won't have any other choice but kill you. One!"

The beast rider's voice was so cold, not even having the faintest trace of emotion.

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