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   Chapter 1454 Three Holy Lands, Three Aristocratic Families

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'The Vasteras Holy Land?'

Austin thought. Surveying the aura around them, he surmised these were people difficult to deal with.

In Austin's Soul Sea, the Flame Emperor whispered to him everything he needed to know about the Vasteras Holy Land.

"There are countless countries and sects in the Divine Continent.

Still, hierarchies and the quest to stay in power remained prevalent.

In the case of the Divine Continent, the holy lands possess the seat of power and the aristocratic families hold the metaphorical crown.

You must take note that there are three holy lands and three aristocratic families in the East Mainland.

And the Vasteras Holy Land is one of those holy lands. Didn't I say they were powerful?"

"You couldn't have emphasized it more," Austin said.

He understood everything.

The team of the Vasteras Holy Land was catching up to them.

The Vasteras Holy Land's display of splendor and momentum was extraordinary. It was nothing like Austin had ever seen.

Meanwhile, it was quite a challenge to fathom the monstrosity of the beasts that were also there, demonic and diabolic. An armored and rough-looking soldier sat proudly on one of the beasts. He had a huge "Vasteras Holy Land" flag that billowed along with the roaring winds.

The Vasteras Holy Land team charged forward with utter menace and terror. Its people cried out, and its beasts roared with a murderous will.

Austin had kept his composure so far until he was startled to find that amongst the people of Vasteras Holy Land, there were a dozen masters at the Divine Bridge Realm.

"People, stop fighting over magic treasures!

All the magic treasures you got just now should be turned over in our Vasteras Holy Land. Anyone – and I mean, anyone – who secretly keeps intelligent magic treasures, we must kill him!"

The thundering, commanding voice came from the team of the Vasteras Holy Land.

"Ha! So bossy!"

someone yelled nonchalantly from another direction.

Then, with rumbles of rage, over twenty chariots emerged. There was so much wrath that the sky seemed to have trembled.

The people of the Vasteras Holy Land ascertained who they were up against. It was the Sikong Clan, one of the aristocratic families.

The former stood on the ground with heightened vigilance. They were ready to fight the Sikong Clan.

up them based on keen observation.

Although the two men spoke scarcely, their words were like daggers that seemingly inhibited people's movements and their ability to breathe.

It seemed the two of them together owned the whole world.

Everyone thought these two men could rule the world because they had mastered harnessing all their skills.

"Yes, Austin. They are both at the Minor-perfection Realm,"

the Flame Emperor sighed in response.

"I am getting the hang of how powerful a master at the Minor-perfection Realm is,"

Austin said, staring at the gate of the old palace with his fists clenched tightly and his teeth gritted intensely.

The Flame Emperor had once speculated that the South Marine Saint who had taken Austin's two fiances was at the Minor-perfection Realm.

Now, Austin had seen in the flesh the power of two masters at the realm. This could be good for him.

Studying the strengths of his enemies would allow him to trace their weaknesses as well. Then, he would obtain a more sophisticated discernment to cultivate himself harder. This could be his best preparation at finally saving his fiancees.

'I won't stop until I'm stronger than them.

They will bow down to me. I promise, '

Austin said to himself.

The queen, who was standing beside Austin, sensed his sudden somber mood.

"Austin, don't let go of hope.

You will see Ivy and Sue again. One day,"

she said to Austin with tenderness and care, while she slightly caressed his shoulder.

"Yes, I will!"

Austin was more determined than ever.

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