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   Chapter 1453 Fighting Over Intelligent Magic Treasures

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Terry didn't expect that Austin and the queen would neglect him after they discovered his identity.

This further intensified Terry's anger.

After all, he saw a golden light soaring into the sky before the mountain was razed into the ground.

He assumed that the intelligent magic treasure which destroyed the mountain was located there.

But since he couldn't find it anywhere, he was convinced that Austin and the queen had it.

Therefore, he had no intention of letting Austin and the queen leave the area alive, especially with the treasure in their possession.


The spear behind Terry's back flew into the air, and spear shadows which contained formidable power appeared out of nowhere and covered the whole space.

Following this, the spear shadows enclosed the area within ten miles around Terry.

Austin and the queen were within ten miles from Terry.

Restricted by countless violent spear shadows, they felt like they would be torn into pieces by these shadows if they moved an inch.

'He is displaying the level 3 spear domain!

Cultivators can seal a certain area when using the domain.

This guy has mastered level 3 spear domain.

He is about sixteen or seventeenth years old.

Not only has he entered the Semi-emperor Realm but he also reached the third level of spear domain. He is quite a genius, '

Austin remarked in his head.

'Looks like the Divine Continent is far more superior to the Prime Martial World.

Even a teenager here possesses such incredible power. No young man his age in the Prime Martial World could be as talented in martial arts as he is.'

"Go to hell!"

Terry said in a detached voice while his eyes gleamed in the atmosphere.

In a matter of minutes, all the spear shadows and spear radiance within ten miles around Terry came rushing towards Austin and the queen.

Terry hadn't displayed any of his martial skills. 'This guy is just at the Primal Holy Realm, and the woman has just reached the preliminary stage of Holy Realm. I can take them out by releasing the level 3 spear domain, ' he contemplated.

"Humph! Do you think you can take both of us out?" Austin snapped in a dismissive manner.

The moment he finished his words, beams of powerful sword aura appeared around him and flew towards the spear shadows and spear radiance.

In a flash, all the spear shadows and spear radiance disappeared.

The numerous streaks of sword aura immediate

or those intelligent magic treasures flying out of the ancient palace.

Even masters of the Emperor Realm and Bitter Sea Realm joined the battle over those treasures.

After seeing how fierce the battles were, Austin gave up the thought of fighting for those treasures.

"They are way too strong. Let's go. We stand no chance of getting those intelligent magic treasures from them.

No need to waste any more time here," Austin said to the queen in a decisive manner.

'Those who got the intelligent magic treasures are either the Bitter Sea Realm masters or Emperor Realm masters.

It's impossible for me and the queen to take treasures away from them, ' Austin thought to himself.

"I'm okay with that,"

the queen nodded in agreement, her cheeks still blushing red.

She still wouldn't dare look into his eyes since she took the initiative to hug him. However, Austin didn't notice that.

Just as Austin and the queen were about to take their leave, a loud crashing sound from the distance reached their ears.

As they looked up at the sky, they saw ten beams of light flying towards them from the distance.

Behind the lights were a dozen monstrous beasts.

They growled and released the enormously powerful vital energy force.

With spears in hand, dozens of people in full armor rode the monstrous beast. It was evident that those people were well-trained.

"Oh, crap. People from the Vasteras Holy Land are coming.

We fought so hard over these treasures, and they're going to take these from us,"

someone complained upon seeing the beams of light heading towards the bloody battlefield.

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