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   Chapter 1452 An Ancient Tripod (Part Two)

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But now they were out of danger, and she felt that she had acted foolishly and in an unacceptable manner.

"Hey! What are you doing? Behave yourself!"

the queen blurted, pushing Austin away like a frightened rabbit. Feeling terribly embarrassed, she looked away. Her tender breasts were rising and falling as she breathed heavily. She flushed, and her face was becoming redder, but this time she couldn't blame the high energy inside her. The more she thought about what she had just done, the more abashed she became, and the lower she bowed her head. She could feel Austin's eyes on her now, but she did not dare to look at him.

Austin was staring at her, but with bewilderment in his eyes. 'Why? I didn't do anything!'

he wondered, yet he didn't speak out. After all, the queen seemed a bit angry from his point of view, and he didn't think it was a good idea to ask questions or explain the situation.

Just when he was thinking about it all, they heard a noise.


Two warm beaming lights slithered into Austin's elixir field before he could see them clearly.

Not knowing what had got inside his body, Austin was taken aback.

He applied his spiritual sense at once and dived into his elixir field to check them out.

Then he saw that the Fire Stela had gone back to where it once rested. Austin breathed a sigh of relief.

But then he recalled that there had been two lights, if one was the Fire Stela, what about the other one? It didn't take him much time to find the answer. Apart from the Fire Stela, he saw another object in his elixir field. It was something he couldn't name.

It looked like an ancient tripod with two handles. It was not very eye-catching in appearance, but there was something elegant about it. There were patterns of almost all the things in heaven and earth carved on its surface. Austin had recognized the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains and rivers, flowers and animals, human beings and many other races among the designs.

As he st

Sect. My face might be the last thing you see before your death.

Don't challenge my patience. God knows how little of it I have.

I will give both of you one last chance. Give me the intelligent magic treasure right now or both of you will die the most painful death!"

threatened the young man who called himself Terry, his hands behind his back.

"Let's go! We don't have much time!"

Austin again spoke to the queen. On his cue, they jumped into the air at the same time and were about to fly away.

"Good! Very good! Few people have the courage to challenge me like this, I'll give you that.

If you shameless creatures really want to die today, so be it!"

Terry shouted, murderous intent burning in his eyes fiercely. His eyes were on fire and would have burnt Austin and the queen, if his looks could kill.

He didn't plan to get the intelligent magic treasure by killing others, not when there were so many cultivators around the place.

After all, everyone would know that he didn't get what he wanted in a decent way, which would harm the reputation he had built for himself.

His intention was to terrify Austin and the queen to surrender with his good prestige and the name of the powerful sect he was from. But now it looked like he had to change his mind if he wanted that intelligent magic treasure.

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