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   Chapter 1450 The Intelligent Magic Treasure Is Precious!

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The two-winged girl of the beast race rushed to the gates of the ancient palace and found them tightly closed. She attempted to open them by stretching out her hands and pushing the two bronze gates.

She was actually surprised.

In an instant, a great deal of characters and symbols of the beast race emerged on the surface of the two gates. It blotted out her sight and knocked the wind out of her body.

Despite how powerful she was, she was still forced to turn several somersaults before she could stand firmly on the ground.

The other warriors had thought twice. They didn't dare to act recklessly. They took out their magic treasures and walked forward in an attempt to open the gates of the ancient palace.

With the blink of an eye, the numerous characters and symbols from the beast race started to flicker around the palace. The mysterious power which was emitted from them made it hard for the warriors to approach the gates or the palace.


All human warriors and the demon fighters started to attack the gates.

All kinds of magic treasures were thrown towards the gates of the ancient palace. The sounds caused by the collision were earsplitting.

The overwhelming pressure caused by the vital energy force as well as the intense air of the beast race blotted out the sunlight. It was almost dark!

The sky above and the earth beneath were trembling violently.

The space in the sky started to collapse. Spidery and dark space cracks were emerging and spreading.

Countless hills and mountains were broken down to sand and stones. Terrifying fissures constantly appeared on the ground.

Austin and the queen were far away from the ancient palace.

Despite the distance, they could still feel the pressure flowing between the earth and the heaven.

Austin was astounded. He realized that those warriors from both the human race and the beast race actually had mastered unimaginably formidable power and strength.

They worked together and hit the gates of the ancient palace for about an hour.

Finally, the two gates broke. Suddenly, a booming sound was heard when it opened.

In an instant, some air which seemed to come from the ancient time assaulted both human and beast warriors. The overwhelming demon energy blew from inside and made them stagger.

They looked as pale as a ghost and as scared as a cornered cat.

None of them wanted to stay there any longer.

The next moment, they had somehow kept their feet firm to where they were. Then they rushed out of the ancient temple as fast as possible.

However, there was only a small opening which they could pass through out of the palace. Only one person at a time could fit through the hole. And all of th

gent magic treasures were smart and good at escaping from any potential hunter.

They moved as fast as a lightning and their escape routes were tricky.

Some of them headed for the sky above, while others rushed to the depth of the forest.

Then a few extremely powerful intelligent magic treasures launched attacks and hit some inferior human warriors and beasts to pieces.

Austin couldn't refrain himself from joining the hunters.

But even before Austin and the queen could move their bodies, an unexpected ray of golden light flew towards the hill where Austin and the queen were standing.

"It's impossible. How could any magic treasure involuntarily come to a hill so far away from the ancient palace?" Austin said to himself as he was both confused and excited.

Then Austin quickly stopped the queen from flying. They stood still as they were waiting for the ray of golden light to come to them.


With the blink of an eye, the ray of golden light approached the hill and Austin.

Moments had passed.


An extremely brilliant radiance was suddenly emitted from the approaching ray of golden light. When you observed it, it would dwarf the sunlight and the moonlight.

The view was so dazzling as if the sun itself exploded.

Both Austin and the queen had to shut their eyes tightly. But despite that, they could still see the blinding light from above. It had hurt their own eyes.

All of a sudden, the intense energy fluctuations from this brilliant radiance were dashing to where Austin and the queen were standing. It rushed quickly like falling meteorites.

The whole hill felt the impact. Suddenly, it started to shake violently.

"We're in a bad situation. Let's get out of here, now!"

Austin shouted to the queen as they were already scared to death.

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