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   Chapter 1449 Dragon Immortal

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The faces of the human masters darkened. 'Looks like this is the mansion of a great master of the beast race, ' they thought with frustration.

At this point, a number of characters and runes, which only beasts could understand, showed up all around the old palace. Those mysterious, profound characters and runes were lighting up.

The numerous characters moved around across the walls and pillars of the old mansion, illuminating the whole space.

"Oh! I got it!

I know who used to live here earlier.

This place belonged to Dragon Immortal, the last Immortal Transforming Realm great master in our East Mainland," the human master, who was enveloped by purple aura, exclaimed.

He was extremely thrilled.

Hearing this, the rest of the humans exhibited astonishment. They started looking around the old palace more carefully now.

With a serious expression, the sexy woman with a snake tail as her lower body leaned forward to have a closer look at the mansion.

"You're right.

This was Dragon Immortal's palace. It looks exactly like the one I saw in our family genealogy," she said in a quivering voice after observing the place for a while.

Everyone present was surprised and their faces bore stunned expressions. None of them had expected that the palace of a great master from the beast race who had entered the Immortal Transforming Realm would be hidden inside a crater.

"Oh man! This is where Dragon Immortal lived!"

the Flame Emperor exclaimed in disbelief, filled with excitement.

"Was this Dragon Immortal incredibly powerful?"

Austin asked in amazement.

"Of course he was!

He was much stronger than you could imagine,"

the Flame Emperor replied, almost shouting it out.

"Cool down, fellow.

Why don't you tell me more about him?"

Observing the Flame Emperor's high-spirited response, Austin realized that Dragon Immortal was some amazing figure. So, he wanted to know more about him.

"Boy, Dragon Immortal was at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

Great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm were the strongest beings in our Di

ther people in the East Mainland hear about this place, all the sacred lands and prominent clans will send their men here.

If we enter this mansion, we might be able to get an opportunity to become immortal. This is every cultivator's pursuit, ' they brooded.

"That's bullshit! You humans are the most shameless creatures,"

a giant member from the beast race thundered, ready to make a move if provoked.

While the air was getting tense, suddenly the human master enveloped in purple aura laughed out loudly.

"It's said that Dragon Immortal stole our priceless treasure—the Omnipotent Pot. It's time for us to get it back. Come on, guys, let get inside the palace," he said in excitement.

He quickly headed towards the floating mansion above the crater.

Upon hearing this, all the human cultivators and members from the beast race looked keenly at the mansion.

Omnipotent Pot was the most important treasure of the people of the East Mainland.

Watching the human master walking towards the palace, the rest of them stopped arguing immediately.

All of them dashed towards the door of the old mansion.

There was a maiden of the beast race among them. She had a pair of wings on her back, so she was faster than the rest.

She flapped her wings vigorously.

In the blink of an eye, she was ahead of them all and stood exactly in front of the gates of the old mansion.

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