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   Chapter 1448 The Hidden Palace In A Volcano

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6728

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Along the way, the diabolic beasts on the run could be seen everywhere. Frightened by the powerful warriors, they were running like hell, destroying the vast forest.

From time to time, Austin and the queen would come across the powerful warriors who were flashing towards the place where the loud thump was heard.

Austin could tell that some of them possessed an overwhelming power. He felt that his power was nothing compared to them.

In the Prime Martial World, his power made him almost invincible.

But here in the Divine Continent, things were different. In just a short time, they were able to meet a lot of masters. Some were as powerful as him and some were even more powerful than him.

This made him realize that his power was too weak in this world. So to avoid getting into troubles, they always had to take a detour every time they would come across formidable warriors.

Finally, they arrived safely at the premises of their destination. As they were getting closer, they could feel that the temperature was also getting higher and higher. The trees even became rare. All of a sudden, a flame directly spurted into the sky from afar.

Austin and the queen kept moving until they reached a lofty mountain. When they reached the peak, they were surprised to see a volcano that suddenly appeared in front of them.

The volcano was burning with intense fire all over. Its crater was filled with boiling lava. Anyone who would see this view would be truly terrified.

To their astonishment, a pristine and solemn palace was floating in the middle of the crater. It was glowing miraculously.

The palace was also surrounded by streaks of rosy clouds. Based on its atmosphere, there was no doubt that this palace gave the warriors a feeling of transformation.

The loud thump that they heard earlier definitely came from here.

They decided to stop from afar to avoid putting themselves in danger. They needed to carefully plan their every move to make sure that they wouldn't get int

ing to do with it!" the giant bird also argued.

"This palace must belong to the great master of our beast race," it continued.

Its voice was sharp and powerful that seemed to penetrate into everything.

"That's impossible! All of you can see that the architectural style of this palace is obviously in line with humans," a human master with a bizarre look hit back in a naive tone.

He was as short as a three-year-old child but his figure was as strong as an adult.

Since no one would want to give in, the warriors and the beasts fell into a stalemate.

Meanwhile, as the boiling lava continued to spurt like streams of blood, the pristine palace also rose higher and higher.

Until finally, the palace completely emerged from the lava and hovered above the crater.

Wreathed in colorful and divine lights, the whole place was daintily translucent and majestic, emitting a horrifying aura.

At this moment, many ancient characters began to emerge from the void, swirling and dancing around the palace. Some of the characters were like dragons and phoenixes while the others were like tortoises and kirins.


They are the ancient characters of the beast race!" one of the diabolic beast masters exclaimed.

After recognizing the swirling characters, the other masters of the beast race also cried for joy.

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