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   Chapter 1447 Beasts Tide

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"Um..." muttered Belle in hesitation as if she was trying to choose her words wisely. Then she looked into Austin's eyes and continued, "I came to the Black-wind Beast World for a family task. Me, along with other Xiao disciples, were entrusted to investigate something in the Black-wind Beast World.

Alvin and I were sent here by our family to complete this task.

I never expected that Alvin bribed my maid and have her lie to me. She told me that she found some kind of magical fruit here.

This kind of fruit was important to me since it can greatly improve the martial art skill that I'm practicing.

I believed her and followed her to where she saw the fruit.

All of a sudden, Rogan and his underlings appeared out of nowhere and attacked me."

Belle's face was filled with rage as she was recalling all the things that happened during her encounter with Rogan to Austin.

Austin now understood why Belle was chased and hunted by those guys from the very beginning.

"Alvin was also from the Xiao Family. Why did he conspire with Rogan to kill you?"

Austin was trying to figure out what Alvin's actions meant and raised this question to Bella.

"Alvin and I are cousins. He is the son of my uncle, my father's younger brother.

And our grandpa is the head of the Xiao Family.

Grandpa is getting old and will retire soon. Once he does step down, my father and uncle are sure to battle tooth and nail it to become grandpa's heir.

Furthermore, it's tradition in the Solamnia Kingdom for the head of the Xiao Family to assume the position of the prime minister in the Solamnia Kingdom.

Due to this, my father and my uncle are not only competing for the opportunity of becoming the future head of the Xiao Family, but they're also vying for the position of the prime minister in the Solamnia Kingdom.

They are like fire and water under the same roof. No one would give up until their goal is fulfilled,"

Belle sighed and was clearly flustered.

She was tired and at her wits' end when it came to dealing with the internal strife within her family.

"I didn't know members in your family are pitted in a deep-seeded power struggle."

Austin nodded at Bella to show that he understood the complicated internal affairs within the Xiao Family.

Belle just told Austin why she came to the Black-wind Beast World. However, she didn't mention what specific task the Xiao Family had entrusted her to accomplish. Her blank expression showed no intention of telling him any details about it.

Austin was wise to not prod and get in the middle of Belle's mission and her family's predicament.

After all, it was the Xiao Family's secret. He shouldn't poke his nose into such matters if it doesn't concern him.

Austin and his two companions were about to leave the Black-wind Beast World.

Suddenly, a strange noise caught his attention.

The sky and the earth shook slightly and was followed by a mild muffled noise. Though the sound wasn't loud, Austin felt as if it someone has been beating a drum from a distance.

For an unknown reason, the slight noise sent shivers into Austin's and his two companions' spines and fear in their hearts. Even their souls trembled upon hearing the tiny sound.

They have never heard any sound like this before!

This unexpected sou

Austin felt extremely curious at this strange sound.

"It's weird. It sounded like something was rousing from its slumber."

The queen was puzzled and curious as well. She racked her brain and blurted out such an explanation.

"Do you know what all this is about, Flame Emperor?"

Austin suddenly thought of the Flame Emperor in his Soul Sea and raised this question to him.

The Flame Emperor was originally from the Divine Continent. He might have some clues to this peculiar situation.

"I don't know. I'm not a native in the Solamnia Kingdom. I just fled here by accident. Actually, I know very little about things in this kingdom.

As far as I can tell, it sounded like some grand master's residence is emerging."

The Flame Emperor shook his head while giving his conjecture.

A grand master's residence?

Austin was stunned and couldn't believe what the Flame Emperor said.

Meanwhile, ceaseless waves of shocking noise were pulsing at a distance. Dozens of mysterious rainbow-like auras suddenly appeared in the air and zoomed towards the direction that the muffled sounds were heard.

The whole sky was shrouded under a thick cloud of tremendous vital energy following the sudden emergence of the dozens of mysterious rain-like auras in the sky. In spite of the far distance between them and the auras, both Austin and the queen vaguely felt their chests become heavy.

Both of them panicked upon experiencing such a sudden force.

Who or whatever was behind such an amazing display of power was beyond both Austin's and the queen's abilities and comprehension.

The person or entity behind this energy was absolutely on another level.

"What if we go to check out what's happening over the distance as well?"

Austin asked the queen. His curiosity intensified upon hearing the Flame Emperor's conjecture of the emergence of a grand mater's residence. He was unwilling to leave until he deciphered what secrets the cave might contain.

Additionally, he was fully aware that he might find valuable treasures within the mystical residence.

Instead of escaping from the Black-wind Beast World, Austin and the queen snuck towards the direction of the muffled sounds.

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