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   Chapter 1446 The Solamnia Kingdom

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Time kept ticking away.

"Rogan was a lascivious person and deserved punishment by death.

You have done a splendid job.


You might get into trouble by killing him.

All in all, you got involved because of me.

I'll bring you to the Xiao Family, and I'll explain all of this to my father.

My family will protect you.

Humph. Rodolfo is formidable, but my family doesn't fear him,"

Belle firmly said to Austin. She had fully decided to bring Austin under her family's protection.

"You will take me to your family?"

Austin responded to Belle with a confused look on his face.

He just killed Rogan and broke Rodolfo's spiritual sense sign.

However, he hadn't expected Belle to take him to the Xiao Family's house.

"Kid, do what she says. Rodolfo is a Divine Bridge Realm warrior. You're too weak to fight against him right now.

I'm afraid that he has sent people to search for your whereabouts.

Also, this girl seems to have a rich and powerful family behind her. I advise you to seek shelter in her family.

Once things get settled down, we can make a plan to get out of the Solamnia Kingdom,"

the Flame Emperor's voice echoed in Austin's Soul Sea.


Austin replied and nodded in agreement.

"What about him? What should we do?"

Austin turned to Alvin's direction and was intent on ending his life.

Alvin's elixir field was ruined by Austin with a swift sword strike. He lost his cultivation base as a result.

He also witnessed Austin kill Rogan and break Rodolfo's spiritual sense sign with little effort.

Alvin was impressed and also frightened by what Austin showcased. Now, he stared at Austin with terrified eyes, as if Austin were a demon itching to strike him with the deathblow.

In his eyes, Austin was indeed a devil after committing such heinous acts.

"Please forgive me, Belle.

I made some mistakes and I won't do it again, I promise. Remember that I'm also your family. Please let me go,"

Alvin pleaded with Belle desperately after hearing Austin's words.

Deep down in his heart, he knew that Austin would easily slice him into a million pieces without hesitation.

Belle coldly stared at Alvin and found his groveling pathetic and utterly repulsive.

He was the one who set a trap, coerced her and almost succeeded in tarnishing her reputation.

However, in spite of all this, she knew that he was still her family.


ted in the eastern part of the Divine Continent.

There were so many kingdoms that were bigger than the Solamnia Kingdom. Thus, the latter sometimes seemed insignificant on the Divine Continent.

Moreover, the Black-wind Beast World within the said kingdom was well known as a treacherous environment that housed countless ferocious and ruthless beasts.

The Solamnia Kingdom had three major sects in its borders. These were the Spirit Relics Sect, the True Heaven Sect and the Golden Pearl Sect.

Furthermore, another powerful force existed there - the royal family of the Solamnia Kingdom.

Moreover, it turned out that the leader of the Xiao Family was the prime minister of the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Rodolfo was the great marshal.

Both the leader of the Xiao Family and Rodolfo were two highly esteemed officials and they often competed against each other in almost everything.

That was because the leader of the Xiao Family supported the third prince.

Conversely, Rodolfo backed the first prince.

Belle's information proved to be a huge help for Austin. He now knew of the political landscape of the Solamnia Kingdom.

Moreover, he now had a better understanding of the Xiao Family and Rodolfo's family.

Rodolfo, who Austin pissed off, was the great marshal of the Solamnia Kingdom.

"Why did you come to the Black-wind Beast World? Why were you pursued by Alvin and Rogan?"

Austin asked Belle out of curiosity.

Belle was the daughter of the prime minister and was held in high regard by others. Austin wondered why she appeared in this horrible place that diabolic beast called home.

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