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   Chapter 1445 The Divine Bridge Realm Master (Part Two)

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His voice sounded like a night owl crying, which was both chilly and creepy. The sound of his voice wasn't human at all. It was not like any sound of a living person, and it gave Austin goosebumps.

This old man was Rodolfo Liu. He was Rogan's esteemed grandfather whom he had talked about earlier.

"Hey, man, this is a wisp of spiritual sense imprint of a Divine Bridge Realm master."

The voice of the Flame Emperor rang out abruptly in Austin's Soul Sea.

"Gosh! A Divine Bridge Realm master! He must be extremely formidable!"

Austin couldn't help but be taken aback. He had been attacking a protective barrier created by a Divine Bridge Real master. He knew those masters were powerful, but it turned out he still knew nothing about them until this moment when he finally realized why the light curtain was so hard to be damaged.

With Austin's current strength, he could not even defeat the Emperor Realm master. He couldn't think of facing the stronger Divine Bridge Realm master.

"In the Solamnia Kingdom, no one dares to offend any people from the Liu Clan.

All right! You two, if you voluntarily cripple all the cultivation bases you have achieved so far, I can spare your life!

In this way, in the future, you can still live as ordinary people. Otherwise, you will die like a dog at once!"

Rodolfo warned coldly again. The aura he emitted was also cold and deadly.

"Ha-ha, you old geek, you are just a wisp of spiritual sense imprint! Do you think you can threaten me?

Moreover, in order to maintain that light curtain, you had to use most of your energy. Since your energy has been almost exhausted, what enables you to babble in front of me like


Belle said more anxiously. She glared at him and even stomped when she saw Austin was actually smiling. She couldn't believe how absurd and ignorant this man turned out to be!

Austin couldn't help but feel startled at what he heard the girl. 'It seems that I really offended a very powerful person. Oh, no! Presumably, I will meet a lot of trouble later.'

He began to worry and thought heavily of what he did. But after a second thought, he changed his mind. He said seriously to Belle, "Thanks for your concern. But if those people hadn't extremely offended me, I would never have killed them.

If I didn't attack him just now, you would be captured by him. Do you think he would treat you fairly and nicely when you're at his mercy?"

Upon hearing Austin's words, Belle was a little stunned and her beautiful face froze. Austin was right.

She couldn't agree more to what he said. If Austin stood by and did not stop Rogan, she definitely would be held captive. If things went on like that, it was not hard to imagine how helpless she would be then and she would even resort to a miserable ending.

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