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   Chapter 1442 Several Mad Dogs

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When the obscene, smug words started rushing, a figure appeared in the vicinity of Austin and the queen's views, running awkwardly towards them.

There standing was a beautiful young woman in a long green skirt, in her twenties.

She had a face of otherworldly beauty that was enhanced with a delicate, straight nose. Her fair skin was soft and smooth.

She had this amazing charm that no man would be able to resist.

However, at the moment, the beautiful woman looked a little messy, panting with the effort.

Half of her clothes were in tatters, and many parts of her body were exposed — the thin neck, the delicate arms, the long legs, the smooth belly, the slender waist, the round buttocks, and the sexy S-curve. She was really sexually attractive and sensual.

However, her face was full of terrible pain and horror, and blood gushed out of the corners of her mouth from time to time.

Obviously, she had been badly injured somehow.

"Help me please!"

When the woman saw Austin and the queen, she showed an overjoyed expression, just like a drowning person had grasped a wooden board in the water.

"Bitch, how dare you run away from us. Stop struggling and make it easier for all of us!"

A few figures were chasing the woman ferociously as if they wanted to catch her.

And they were getting closer and closer to the helpless woman.

In a few seconds, the woman was moving closer to Austin and the queen.

"Save me, please!"

The beautiful woman in green finally came in front of Austin and the queen almost begging for assistance.

Austin and the queen found that the woman's face was extremely and sickly pale. Her clothes were torn and bloodstained, and her breath was a little disordered. It was clear that she was distressed.

It seemed like, she had sustained serious injuries.

At the same time, Austin understood that the woman was at the preliminary stage of Holy Realm.

"What? Oh no!

Your cultivation bases..."

Suddenly, the woman stared at Austin and the queen in disbelief, freezing completely as if she had seen a ghost.

She sensed that Austin and the queen did not have enough strength. The queen was only at the preliminary stage of Holy Realm, the same as herself.

And Austin was just at the premi

ut his tongue and licked it at the corners of his mouth like a hungry wolf.

"Go to hell!"

screamed the queen coldly at Alvin. Her eyes were full of extreme disgust and resentment.

Meanwhile, Austin could feel the strong intent to go on a killing spree.

"Damn it! It seems that we have some mad dogs barking like crazy.

Since we could really use some silence, it seems I'll just have to kill them,"

said Austin coldly, since he could not bear those people being so rude to the queen.


When Austin spoke, all the people, including Belle, were a little surprised by his remarks and cast their eyes at him.

Indeed, Austin was just at the Primal Holy Realm and technically the weakest one present there.

In contrast, Rogan was at the preliminary stage of Holy Realm and evidently strong.

Alvin was at the medium stage of Semi-holy Realm and again he was stronger than Austin.

The four middle-aged men who closely followed Rogan were at the premium stage of Holy Realm.

And the middle-aged man who had just blocked Belle's path was at the preliminary stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

Naturally, they completely ignored Austin, who was just at the Primal Holy Realm. He was not even a threat.

So they treated Austin indifferently as if he was not even there.

Ever since Belle discovered that Austin was just at the Primal Holy Realm, she also paid no attention to him.

Unexpectedly, Austin showed the arrogance of threatening those men.

Was he looking for trouble?

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