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   Chapter 1441 Reaching A Safer Area

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"Oh my god, run!"

Austin went pale upon sensing the situation through his spiritual sense.

An unspeakably large creature, golden all over as if it had been dipped in a pot of melted gold, was hurtling towards them from the distant horizon.

Its wings were four to five kilometers long and seemed to completely cover half of the sky.

Austin and the queen tried to launch their bodily movement skills in their attempt to escape.

"No, that's not a good idea, boy.

That is a golden eagle at the Bitter Sea Realm.

It's incredibly fast.

It's useless to use our bodily movement skills.

There's only one way we can escape here. Get down on the ground and hide in the City model you're carrying.

Your City model is an effective weapon that can isolate the external spiritual sense.

And also, the beast soul energy of the demonic and diabolic beast is still quite weak. So, the eagle probably can't find us.

Come on!

That's your only choice right now," urged the Flame Emperor.

Austin immediately took the advice without any hesitation.

The golden eagle was far away, but an immense amount of demonic power had already spread and reached Austin. He felt his blood start to clot at its immediate effect.

Austin immediately grabbed the queen's white hand and landed on the ground. He then summoned his spiritual sense and telegraphed themselves into his City model.

In just a few seconds, the City model turned into a grain of sand and mixed with the dust, able to hide from immediate sight.

"That was a close call!"

Once inside, Austin and the queen both heaved a sigh of relief.

Two hours later, Austin probed outside the City model and found that the golden eagle had already disappeared.

'The eagle must have left, ' he silently thought to himself.

Austin asked the queen to stay in the City model for a while as he needed to go outside and check if the beast had wholly vanished.

The queen was weaker than Austin, so the latter had to take precautionary actions and leave the queen inside for safety.

It would be safer for both of them if she were to stay inside the City model.

After deciding, Austin hurriedly performed his bodily movement skill and headed east.

Along the way, Austin encountered more than a dozen demonic and diabolic beasts at the Bitter Sea Realm and about one hundred demonic and diabolic beasts at the Emperor Realm.

Each time, Austin promptly hid in his City model until those beasts were totally gone.

After thirteen days of journey, Austin crossed a massive mountain.

"Ha-ha! Boy, we're finally out of the core area and into the periphery.

It's much safer here."

The Flame Emperor's carefree voice suddenly resounded in Austin's Soul Sea.

"Oh, really? Is this the periphery?

Here we are, at last! Thank god!"

Austin exclaimed in delight as he confirmed their safety.

During those thirteen days, he was under so much pressure because of the strong and mighty demonic and diabolic beasts.

Without the City model, Austin wouldn't be able to avoid those beasts that were more powerful than him in cultivation base.


tual Sense Swordsmanship.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the surging evil auras, Austin's demonic avatar also displayed a variety of demonic skills to attack the green-winged demonic wolf.

With his avatar and swordsmanship combined, Austin's battle strength had increased drastically.

Several minutes later, Austin and the demonic avatar finally managed to put down the green-winged demonic wolf.

It was rather less tedious to them as they obviously had the upper hand.


At last, a beam of sword-light cut through the middle of the green-winged demonic wolf's head.

His body immediately froze, and then the next second, he finally met his inevitable death.

Austin still marveled at the wolf's capabilities as he stared at his lifeless body.

But a few seconds later, he turned around coolly, and finally continued to head east.

Along the way, Austin still encountered countless demonic and diabolic beasts at the Semi-emperor Realm. But just like what he did earlier, he effortlessly beheaded all of them.

Moreover, he found that the farther out he went, the weaker the beasts he encountered became.

Ten days later, all the demonic and diabolic beasts Austin faced were turned to be just at the Holy Realm.

It was merely child's play for him to beat all of them to death.

He could even kill them with just a single blow of his sword.

Later on, when he realized that it was now less dangerous, Austin decided to teleport the queen out of the City model.

That way, it would be less lonely for him to travel in the remaining days.

"Ha-ha! Don't run, you bitch!

No need to waste your time.

You can't escape from me!

I advise you to save your strength to serve Young Master Rogan.


Young Master Rogan, look, this bitch is known as the most beautiful girl in our Xiao family.

She has a perfect figure! Look at her waist and butt! Tsk!

Young Master Rogan, when you are satisfied with her service, can I have a taste of it too?"

Austin and the queen were on their way when they heard an evidently salacious conversation.

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