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   Chapter 1439 Divine Continent

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"Boy, you know that this is the teleportation array connecting two different worlds. Of course, it is costly,"

the Flame Emperor responded.

"All right."

Austin had no choice but to agree.

Previously, Austin gave Godwin about five hundred million pieces of divine vital energy crystal to help enhance the power of the Oracle Sect. That was an important resource of power, and the newly rebuilt Oracle Sect needed such crystal for its development.

By now, Austin owned less than two hundred million pieces of divine vital energy crystal. He paused and thought about it for a while.

Austin rubbed his jaw and went for it. He touched his Space Ring, and a steady flow of divine vital energy crystal rolled out and fell on the altar like raindrops.

As it fell, the divine vital energy crystal vanished, as if swallowed by the ground.

Austin did some mental calculation and took out one hundred and fifty million pieces of divine vital energy crystal from his Space Ring.

The altar absorbed all of them.

The whole altar gave out a dazzling ray of seven colors that completely illuminated the platform. It was an attractive display of bright lights and colors that glittered across the entire room.

However, the teleportation array remained inactive.

"Oh, well, um, perhaps there was not enough divine vital energy crystal,"

the Flame Emperor hinted.

"If that is the case, well."

Austin felt his heart broke into pieces.

Determined, he touched his Space Ring again.

Pieces of divine vital energy crystal trickled down from the Space Ring like drops of rain.

Moments later, another forty million pieces of divine vital energy crystal were released by Austin.

It left about one hundred thousand pieces of divine vital energy crystal in Austin's Space Ring.

Austin's storage was almost empty.


A huge light beam soared from the ground of the altar into the air. The radiant light enveloped Austin and the Queen.

"Great! It's finally activated!"

Austin could not help but shout and shed tears of joy from all the excitement!


The light beam at the altar grew brighter every minute as the entire platform began to rock violently.

Suddenly, Austin and the Queen felt a sudden explosion of power in the air. There was a strong teleportation force that pulled them into some unkno


From the peak behind them came great danger!

Austin and the Queen felt the ground shook violently under them. Austin grabbed the Queen by the hand to make sure she would not fall and stumble to the ground.

A fierce wind swept over them. The ground looked like giant waves and it was going to swallow them.

"Oh, no. Run!"

the Flame Emperor shouted anxiously in Austin's Soul Sea.

There was no time to wait for the Flame Emperor's instructions. Austin and the Queen jumped on impulse and avoided the ground from swallowing them.

Through the spiritual sense, Austin and the Queen sensed a silver colossus was rushing down from the peak behind them.

The colossus was frightening and was as high as five hundred meters. It had a sharp pointed spine with hundreds of ten-meter chilling bone spurs safeguarding itself with deadly spears.

Its body was covered with poison that glittered in the sun. The colossus had eight enormous arms, and at the end were horrifying sharp claws. A large black eyes came out of its head and could see you from miles away.

On its head was a seven or eight meter long razor-sharp horn. It released a deadly silver light in the air that was aimed at Austin and the Queen. This beast was enormous and powerful.

With a load roar, The giant evil beast stood on its giant feet and dashed towards Austin and the Queen.

A great wave of horror soon swept over them.

They felt like dead leaves being crushed between strong waves. All of a sudden they were empty vessels. Powerless in the midst of a storm.

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