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   Chapter 1438 Infinity Beast

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Austin walked slowly.

As soon as he reached the front of the platform, a loud growl resonated inside his soul sea.

It was the yearning groan of the gray egg in his Space Ring.

Austin instantly knew what it meant.

He then took the wailing egg out from the ring.


The gray egg flew towards the platform straightaway. It moved around the huge skeleton of a demonic beast before it rubbed it lovingly.

This dead demonic beast had been the egg's mother.

The demonic beast's soul begged Austin to take care of the gray egg back then.

It was understandable for the egg to feel sad when it saw its mother's remains.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

Lost in his thoughts, Austin was suddenly disturbed when he saw countless figures emerge from the white fog around the platform.

Austin and the queen fixed their gaze on these mysterious figures. And soon after, they were able to recognize these guests.

'They are hollow slaves!'

they both thought to themselves.

The hollow slaves immediately dashed to the platform and instantly gathered around the huge skeleton and the gray egg.

The egg was surrounded by the hollow slaves, and it seemed like it was being worshipped by them.

Austin and the queen marveled as they watched the scene in front of them.

Suddenly, Austin was disrupted by the Flame Emperor's shocked voice that rang out inside his Soul Sea.

"Oh my!

Is... is this... the legendary infinity beast?

Oh, man, I can't believe it.

How could it be possible? How could infinity beasts really exist in this world?"

the Flame Emperor stuttered in amazement.

'An... infinity beast?'

Austin was confused. He had no idea what the Flame Emperor was talking about.

He asked the Flame Emperor curiously, "What is it?

Didn't you tell me you were transported here from your world? Have you never seen this skeleton before?

Besides, what's the infinity beast?"

Austin asked the Flame Emperor.

"I came into this world a thousand years ago. When I was transferred here, I didn't see anything on the platform,"

the Flame Emperor repli

e altar the last time he was here.

He thought that it was a flat-topped block used as the focus of a religious ritual.

Now he knew its purpose. The altar was a teleportation array.

"Get inside the altar,"

the Flame Emperor said.

Austin and the queen promptly followed what he said.

Once Austin stepped into the altar, he immediately felt the spatial teleportation power.

After he had cultivated the spatial power, he became more sensitive to it.

"This altar is really a good teleportation array," the gnome exclaimed through his spiritual sense.

He also sensed the altar's strong spatial power.

"How do we make this teleportation array work?" Austin asked the Flame Emperor.

Even though they could feel the strong spatial power in the area, they were still stuck at the altar.

Apparently, the teleportation array had not yet been activated.

The Flame Emperor cleared his throat.

"If you want it to work, you need to pay the price,"

he began.

"What is it? Just shoot,"

Austin asked impatiently.

"It cost me a broken ruling crystal to be transported here from the Divine Continent.

So I guess it will cost you at least 150 million divine vital energy crystals,"

the Flame Emperor replied.


Austin held his breath and was astounded with what he heard.

"You've gotta be kidding me!!"

he exclaimed, his eyes almost popping out.

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