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   Chapter 1437 Leaving The Prime Martial World

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Moreover, there were other things given to Godwin as the developmental basis for the Oracle Sect. Those development requirements included most of Austin's divine vital energy crystals amounting to four or five hundred million. Aside from that, there were also plenty of magic treasures at all levels and various secret manuals on martial arts, and other magical things given.

When Godwin received plenty of cultivation resources from Austin, he couldn't help but feel deeply touched.

With all these resources, the developmental basis for the Oracle Sect was much firmer than that for any of the larger sects in the Prime Martial World.

On the following days, Austin did not handle anything in the Oracle Sect any more.

Instead, he had been busy and occupied with his cultivation.

All the while, Angus started to personally teach alchemy skills to Austin once again.

With such a great opportunity to learn alchemy skills, Austin certainly paid attention to mastering the lessons. He could not miss any lesson Angus had prepared for him.

A year later, under the meticulous tutoring of Angus, Austin made great progress in alchemy skills and became a pill refiner at the ninth grade! It was a great leap in his skills and a great addition to his set of powers.

Furthermore, what Austin achieved and learned in the past year was more than that. Just a year ago, Fanny and her grandfather came to the headquarters of the Oracle Sect to meet him. It happened shortly after the reestablishment of the Oracle Sect. Their visit certainly surprised him.

After a few greetings, they had talked about their encounters in the past. From their talk, Austin found out that Fanny's grandfather took her back to the Grand Dragon Empire. The empire was their hometown. They started rebuilding their home after all the demon race invaders in the South Continent had been exterminated.

It took the rebuilding some time. It was not until recently that they had finished rebuilding their home.

After mentioning their success in rebuilding, Fanny's grandfather recalled the time when Austin was still in the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect within the Triangle Zone. At that time, Austin was his disciple and he learned how to deploy arrays from the old man.

But ever since Austin left the Heaven Pavilion Sect, he seldom spent his time learning and practicing array deploying skills. This was because all his time and energy were occupied with other things.

Fanny's grandfather felt a little sad about that. He thought that it was such a pity that he wasn't able to teach Austin all the knowledge he gained about deploying arrays. He deeply believed in Austin's potential, as Austin had showed great talent for array deployment before.

That was why after hearing the news that Austin had reestablished the Oracle Sect, he hurriedly went to see him. He came to the sect headquarters with Fanny. He was so determined to tutor Austin array deployment again.

After about a year full of learning and practicing, Austin made a huge leap forward with his level. He had been recognized as an array expert. Because of his great performance, he rose from the first grade to the fourth grade.

Austin had not wasted a busy year that passed. He spent every minute to learn and yielded copious gains.

He became both a ninth-grade

had kept that egg in his Space Ring. However, ever since he left the Nonuple Isles, no trace of movement had been found within it.

Now unexpectedly, he was about to head over the same place again.

After four to five days upon entering the Middle World Waters, Austin's chariot finally reached the outermost area of the Nonuple Isles.

They hopped out of the chariot and he put it away.

Together with the queen, he then exerted the bodily movement skill and flew towards the direction of the nine gigantic isles.

Shortly after, they entered the area of the Nonuple Isles.

Austin and the queen carried abundant Magic Sea Water with them.

They reached for a bottle, took it and drank a little. They continued drinking some of it from time to time while they were flying within the Nonuple Isles.

By drinking this kind of liquid, they were able to protect themselves against the invasion of the infinite aura that inhabited the area.

About an hour later, they had already reached the massive square.

It was located in the middlemost isle of that area.

"Austin, the teleportation passage to the Divine Continent is right there in the palace of the square," the Flame Emperor told Austin.

Austin located the palace quickly.

He and the queen went into the palace immediately.

Unlike the other areas in the square, there was no infinite aura inside the palace.

When they found out about it, they both felt greatly relieved.

After they entering the said palace, the sight of a heavy white mist came in their views and welcomed them.

They tried to recall the layout of the palace and moved forward. After a short while, they arrived at a platform on the ground standing high above the average land surface.

The platform was huge. It covered a vast area of up to several thousand square meters.

On that platform, there was a giant skeleton of a demonic beast. The body of the beast looked like a lion's body. While the head resembled that of a flood dragon. It was a mystic sight.

Beside it, there stood a shadow of a middle-aged man. He was dressed in a cultured-style purple attire. Surrounding him were countless beams of glowing purple lights shining straight towards the sky.

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