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   Chapter 1436 A Splendid Event

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The day of the ceremony arrived at last. Guests began to arrive early in the morning, pouring in continuously with every passing moment.

Almost every single sect and clan across the entire South Continent had sent their members to attend the much-anticipated event. As such, the increasing number of people who kept arriving was not particularly surprising.

The guests weren't just ordinary guests, either. Most of them were the heads of the sects and clans themselves, and they brought with them expensive and valuable gifts.

Of course, a grand event meant grand decorations as well. The entire headquarters of the Oracle Sect was lined with colorful lanterns and streamers, easily drawing the attention of the guests and providing a warm and festive atmosphere.

It didn't take long before the continuous stream of guests that kept arriving since the morning began to fill up the place. Soon, there were large crowds of guests chattering among themselves, making the venue quite noisy.

With so many things to take care of, the disciples of the Oracle Sect were all busy from the moment they got up that morning. There wasn't a single second to spare for any breaks, because taking a moment to rest meant not getting any work done.

These disciples were mostly members of the A.L. Army, and those who weren't were new disciples who joined the Oracle Sect within the past few months. Nonetheless, all of them were talented and had lots of potential.

Within the magnificent palace, hundreds of people have gathered for the anticipated ceremony.

The palace served as the place where the various guests were entertained.

These people were the leaders of all the various sects and clans. They had all come for the same purpose, to congratulate the Oracle Sect and to witness the ceremony themselves.

Every person on the event's guest list was a big figure.

Majority of these people were at the Semi-emperor Realm, meaning they were likely the most powerful people in the South Continent. It was truly an intimidating crowd fitting of such a grand and important event.

Austin, as well as the five reclusive elders in the Oracle Sect, arrived at the palace to personally greet the esteemed guests.

To be honest, Austin was the type of man who didn't enjoy such occasions. Despite that, he had to come as it was the very day for the Oracle Sect to set up, and he was bound to contact with all the different sects and clans of the South Continent in order to develop the Oracle Sect.

It was because of this reason that Austin had to set aside his unwillingness. For the sake of the Oracle Sect, he had to be patient and talk to these guests, to mingle with them and to form connections with them.

The queen of the evil shadow race herself took her place at Austin's side, where she smiled and chatted with others.

All the sect and clan leaders turned their eyes to watch them. It was common knowledge among all of them that it was because of the queen of the evil shadow race that Austin became furious at the Sky Sect and banished it completely from the South Continent.

Such an event was not easily

se on the other three continents in their fight against the demon race, where he had met these cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm at the time.

Now that they had come all the way here to the Oracle Sect, they all came over to greet Austin, recalling the days they had fought together.

With this, there were nearly four hundred cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm in the palace of the Oracle Sect!

Not just that, but these cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm were representative of the most powerful cultivators of the Prime Martial World!

The clock struck nine. It was finally time for the opening ceremony of the Oracle Sect.

Truly, such a splendid event in the headquarters of the Oracle Sect had never happened before!

It was at that moment that all the cultivators were taken by surprise by yet another revelation.

The public was told that the head of the Oracle Sect was not actually Austin, but Godwin instead!

Of course, this was no random, spur of the moment decision. Rather, this appointment was the result of Austin speaking to Godwin about the matter for several days.

Austin had already known that he would soon have to leave the Prime Martial World for the Divine Continent, meaning that he didn't have time to manage the Oracle Sect as its leader.

It had taken several pleas from Austin, but finally, Godwin had relented and agreed to be the leader of the Oracle Sect in his stead.

For the rest of the day, the guests came to offer their congratulations over the news. There were so many guests that the greetings took hours, and night had already fallen by the time everyone had left.

At long last, after a whole day of relentless noise, the headquarters of the Oracle Sect became silent once more.

Just like that, the Oracle Sect then went on the usual way of developing itself.

Meanwhile, Austin realized the day for him to leave the Prime Martial World was soon approaching.

Before he departed, he gave Godwin all the resources he obtained from the treasury of the Oracle Sect in the Barren Mountain of the Triangle Zone.

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