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   Chapter 1435 Headquarters Of The Oracle Sect

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Soon after, the bolts of lightning struck Austin began to lessen.

Eventually, the lightning storm dissipated.

Austin exhaled with authority.

"Intriguing! I have reached the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm!"

His face lit up joyfully.

Austin initially speculated that he would reach the middle stage of Primal Holy Realm. That was why he was pleasantly surprised by the result.

Meanwhile, the third golden ball in his elixir field had become much bigger as it was five meters in diameter.

Following this, Austin proceeded to go to a quiet place.

After finding a nice spot, he sat down in a cross-legged meditation position.

He intended to consolidate the new realm he had just reached.

A day passed by in this way. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and got up.

He stood still and concentrated his mind.

A second later, violent sword aura rapidly gushed out from his body.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

The Sword aura Austin released filled the space in a one-kilometer radius around him.

Streaks of visible sword aura swirled and moved around the space.

The area within one thousand meters teemed with sword aura.

Austin dominated the sword aura within the domain.

He could destroy anything in this area with the sword aura as he pleased.

'I mastered the level six sword domain!'

It turned out that Austin had benefited a lot from the hand-shaped hole caused by the South Marine Saint over the past two months.

He had broken into the sixth level of the sword domain from the fourth level of the sword domain.

Additionally, he also reached the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm.

"Well, it's time to check how's everything going in the Oracle Sect.

After all, the inauguration ceremony is going to be held in two days.

It's not a good idea to be absent from such an important occasion,"

Austin slyly commented while looking towards the direction of the headquarters of the Oracle Sect.

'I'm the one who proposed to rebuild the Oracle Sect two months ago. But I let Godwin help me take care of relevant things, '

Austin thought to himself and suddenly felt guilty.

clusive elders were core figures in a sect, and they usually outranked sect leaders.

"We're flattered," Dom Liu and Aronson Zhu hurriedly answered.

They didn't dare to treat Austin casually. After all, they knew that Austin could slay Semi-emperor Realm cultivators effortlessly.

However, the way Austin acted pleased them. After all, Austin was an eminent, strong cultivator in the Southern Continent. They felt contented that Austin treated them nicely.

"Buddies, Austin is my disciple. You're his elders in every way so you don't have to be so nice to him.

You can call him by his name,"

Godwin cut in with a laugh.

"Well if you say so," Dom Liu and Aronson Zhu replied with a small chuckle.

Godwin's words dispelled their apprehensions.

All of a sudden, a relaxed atmosphere filled the hall.

"Oh, how are the preparations for the inauguration ceremony going? It's going to be held in two days,"

Austin inquired.

"We've already got these things prepared. If we waited for you to attend to these things, we would not be able to open the ceremony in time,"

Julius replied as he rolled his eyes at Austin.

Austin flashed him an awkward smile. 'I shouldn't have let them take care of all these things, ' he thought while feeling guilty again.

Time went by quickly.

Finally, the day had come.

Two days later, a joyful ambience filled the headquarters of the Oracle Sect.

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