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   Chapter 1434 Making A Breakthrough (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7189

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He halted when he had reached eight hundred meters in depth of the crater. The hair on the back of his hair stood on end as he looked around.

Despite it seeming impossible, the vital energy forces and palm intents were more powerful than the last time. Austin squinted his eyes as the warm waves began curling around him. He anticipated a second attack.

Using his skills, Austin battled against the aggressive vital energy. He fell and stood repeatedly for two days but he did not give up. He could withstand the attacks as long as he had his powers and his bottle of Magic Sea Water. Once his enemy had once again been defeated, he started his business. Before exhaustion could reach him, he begins meditating.

Fifteen days passed in silence while Austin sat with his eyes closed and his mind wide open. He was determined to uncover the secrets of the enlightening power, even if it was the most difficult thing he had ever had to learn.

Finally, popping his stiff joints, Austin stood. The familiar sensation of tingling in his fingers and fullness in his mind appeared. He smiled and held his hands out.

He faltered. His determination had paid off but not in the way he had been hoping. Despite his understanding of the enlightening power being three times more powerful, he still could not use it.

''If I can't learn the full power here, the only place I can is the very bottom of the crater."

Not wanting to waste the time climbing down, he lifted his head in determination and jumped.

A few moments later, Austin was shooting through the air. Wind whistled in his ears as he kept looking forward. He did not want to see how far the ground was.

Boom! His knees trembled as he made impact with the floor of the crater. The darkness consumed him and the momentary silence made him grasp harder onto his Ancient Dragon Sword.

Seconds later, the endless vital energy forces and palm attacks jumped out of the blackness towards him. They looked like hands, jolting out of hiding to crush him into dust in their fists. Their powers were so strong they could destroy the whole crater.


Austin released a jubilant cry

him to smile slightly.

Just then, the clouds parted as light burst through. An earth-shattering howl emitted from the space in the clouds.


Austin and the Flame Emperor lifted their eyes to the sky. It appeared that the thunder unicorn in Austin's elixir field had emerged.

Bathed in the lightning and thunder, the giant beast soared through the sky. It glowed like the sun and twirled like a dancer, cleverly avoiding bolts of lightning.

As if on cue, it opened its mouth wide and effortlessly devoured the thunderclaps.

''That's a thunder unicorn!''

In Austin's Soul Sea, the Flame Emperor appeared dumbstruck with astonishment. Every part of him followed the movements of the thunder unicorn as it weaved beneath the clouds.

His astonishment could only be justified because he had not known that Austin owned a thunder unicorn. This was the first time Austin had freed it in front of the Flame Emperor.

''How in the world?

You keep surprising me. It is as if your powers are unlimited. You are such a freak!''

The Flame Emperor yelled at Austin after he had recovered from the initial shock.

Austin just smiled and rested his hands on his hips. Handling the Thunderstroke Doom would be simple with the thunder unicorn standing by his side.

Occasionally, thunderclaps were too fast for the thunder unicorn and all Austin needed to do was destroy them. After that, peace would be restored.

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