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   Chapter 1433 Making A Breakthrough (Part One)

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"In other words, the reason there is power contained in the pit is because South Marine Saint left some kind of enlightening power there?"

Austin stared at the ground while his fingers stroked his chin. He could not come up with any other explanations. From his knowledge, the traces of the power that were emanating from the crater resembled the enlightening power.

''Yes. I think you are right.

At first, I thought that South Marine Saint might have obtained the law power.

However, after carefully examining the traces left from her power, I discovered she only possesses the enlightening power.

In my Sect, all the stewards have mastered the enlightening power, so it is easy to recognize it.

It appears that I overestimated the power of that old fool. She's nothing special, ''

the Flame Emperor explained, laughing at the end.

''I see.

I know some things about the enlightening power, but not enough to understand it completely.''

Austin added, nodding in agreement. The Flame emperor raised his eyebrows in shock and then crossed his arms, frowning.

''You are such a freak!

You've only been trained about the Primal Holy Realm. How come you can understand the enlightening power? This is ridiculous!

I have seen many geniuses birthed. However, you and your gifts could make them all crawl back into the wombs they came from.

Even I failed to comprehend the enlightening power! When I was in the Emperor Realm, I tried to master it, but my attempts were pointless.

You must have the strongest soul energy of anyone I have ever met. Otherwise, there is no way you could even begin to understand the enlightening power. It is far beyond your wisdom and skill.

It is hard to believe you are telling the truth. However, I'm not willing to go down there myself. Perhaps, since you can sense the enlightening power, you could travel into the pit alone and study it? Imagine how much it will further your training and improve your skills..."

The Flame Emperor smiled bitterly. His eyes glowed up at Austin, who appeared to be pondering the mission.

Like many of the others, he also seemed to be jealous of Austin's unique gi

breath. The darkness around him now seemed eerily calming.

With his mind and body relaxed, he could begin the next step. In order to gain knowledge of the enlightening power, he would have to meditate.

Austin took another deep breath and sat in the center of the space. He knew that this was the ideal spot to achieve the most information about the enlightening power and he wanted to get out of the creepy crater as soon as possible.

After ten days had passed, Austin had finally completed his mediation and slowly opened his eyes. He felt more full, as he always did after gaining a new power.

''Wow! The enlightening power is indeed more marvelous and rare than I expected it to be!''

Austin exclaimed to himself. His voice echoed back to him from the crater walls.

However, something did not feel right. Even after ten days of meditation and having gained a deeper understanding of the enlightening power, there were still holes that needed to be filled. He tried summoning the power but nothing happened.

''Well, that was a little pointless. Okay.

Since I cannot gain any more training from this place, I must travel further into the crater. Hopefully, I will find my answers there. Geez...this place is creepy.''

With a shiver, Austin approached the edge of the crater once again. He found handholds and placed his feet precariously on centimeter wide ledges. As he descended, rays from the light above him faded.

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