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   Chapter 1432 The Enlightening Power

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A lot of young men headed for the Oracle Sect with hopes of being part of the sect.

The Oracle Sect was a top level sect, people of all ages would do anything to be a member of this sect.

But Austin commanded that they should consider quality over quantity when choosing disciples.

With more than a hundred thousand A.L. Army's members joining, the Oracle Sect had no shortage of disciples. What they needed were disciples that exuded great potential.

It was Godwin and the other four at the Semi-emperor Realm who presided over the work of the Oracle Sect.

Austin didn't mind that they did most of the work as he enjoyed being a hands-off leader.

While the five elders at the Semi-emperor Realm were engaged in the Oracle Sect's establishment, Austin did not bother to help them.

Instead, he stood near the peak where Master Li lived. He was observing the palm print on the ground left by the South Marine Saint.

He felt fierce vital energy rolling over the depths of the palm print. There was incredibly potent palm intent residing within it. Austin knew now that it was a dangerous place.

Touched and inspired by the Queen's experience, Austin realized that the crater made by the palm print may be a good place to train himself.

With overwhelming pressure, he knew that his potential may be stimulated, speeding up the process of his breakthrough.

Hesitating for a moment, Austin slowly dived into the pit.

"Austin, be careful, this place is dangerous. Once you notice something wrong, fly out of here immediately. I don't want you to die here,"

said the Flame Emperor.

Austin said nothing and kept moving downwards.

The crater was dark and bottomless, almost like an abyss. Austin released his spiritual sense to the depths of the palm print, but it was shredded into pieces by the palm intent.

When Austin went two hundred meters deeper into the crater, fierce vital energy force continuously squeezed him from all directions.

At the same time, a palm formed by vital energy force also attacked Austin with some mysterious and unfathomable skills.

Austin unsheathed his Ancient Dragon Sword and infused his vital energy force into the swor

g power,"

the Flame Emperor sighed, seemingly defeated by Austin's prowess.

"For a warrior, other than strengthening his vital energy, spiritual sense, and physical capabilities, there are many other things to cultivate.

For instance, a warrior can also enhance his ability to sense the laws of the world.

There are several stages of sensing such laws of nature.

First, it is the intent; sword intent, palm intent, fist intent and things like that. This is the first stage of the insight.

Then there's the potential;

such as the sword potential, the blade potential and the fist potential.

The enlightening is a stage above the potential.

The stage of sensing the enlightening power is quite different from the former ones.

Compared with the division of intent and potential, the division of the enlightening power is more intrinsic and primal.

The enlightening can be divided into time enlightening, space enlightening, life enlightening and thunder enlightening and so on.

Above the enlightening is the law.

Laws are far too complicated.

On the Divine Continent, only the most excellent masters have the chance to learn the laws,"

the Flame Emperor explained.

"Is that so?" Austin replied.

Thanks to the Flame Emperor's introduction, Austin now had a clearer idea of the enlightening power.

First, it was intent. Then it was potential. Above potential was enlightening. And finally at the top was the law.

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