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   Chapter 1431 New Oracle Sect

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Making sure the queen recovered, Austin immediately flew above the gigantic hand-shaped pit caused by South Marine Saint alone.

Austin scanned the huge hole using his spiritual sense as he floated mid-air.

Seconds later, he sensed a formidable vital energy force. The force was with an endless palm intent. It still lingered deep inside the pit.

'A day had passed, but the impact still remained in that hand-shaped pit.

Even Semi-emperor Realm masters won't risk exploring the hole because the vital energy force and palm intent in it can crush them to powder.

This is horrifyingly amazing.

I'm afraid even a master of the Emperor Realm can't withstand this blow from that South Marine Saint, ' Austin assumed. He was in full awe with the powerful blow that South Marine Saint made.

"She is really a tough opponent,"

Austin sighed as he continued to stare at the pit.

"Exactly. A strong cultivator could launch an attack that contain enlightening power and even law power. The powers will not vanish as time lapses.

According to old legends, there is a Sword Aura Cliff in the Middle Pilgrim Land of the Divine Continent; it is surrounded by infinite, powerful sword aura all year round.

It is rumored that an immortal hit the cliff with his sword five thousand years ago, and the blow which contained tremendous sword aura remained there. That's how that cliff got its name.

I bet this South Marine Saint had mastered the palm intent and the law power. That's why the palm intent and law power remain in the hole even now.

I guess the palm intent and law power in the hole will not disappear for the next fifty years."

The Flame Emperor's voice resounded in Austin's Soul Sea. He examined the pit too.

"Enlightening power and law power? Does it mean I will have to learn these powers too if I want to be stronger?

One swung his sword, and the sword aura released by him remained there for five thousand years. Do immortals really exist?"

Austin murmured as he considered what the Flame Emperor said.

Calculating his current strength, Austin could take out a Semi-emperor Realm master in a heartbeat. It was safe to say that he was stronger than most cultivators in the Prime Martial World.

Austin had already been satisfied with the power he had.

But the appearance of South Marine Saint and the hand-shaped hole she left made him realize how weak he was. What the emperor said to him also stuck to his mind.

w sect.

What was more intriguing was that the headquarters of this sect was located at the place where the Sky Sect's headquarters had once been.

Since Austin was considered a celebrity, people in the South Continent would keep an eye on his every move.

Soon, the information about the Oracle Sect had completely spread around the South Continent.

The forces of the sect had already been large. This was because all the members of the A.L. Army volunteered to join the Oracle Sect.

Estimating their numbers, the Oracle Sect had more than one hundred thousand disciples.

Later, Godwin, Julius, Peter, and another two Semi-emperor Realm masters joined the Oracle Sect as its reclusive elders. It was said that the other two masters of the Semi-emperor Realm were Godwin's best friends.

Oracle Sect at the present got five Semi-emperor Realm masters, which made it on par with other top sects on the South Continent.

In addition, the leader of the Magic Hand Sect—Angus announced that his sect formed an alliance with the Oracle Sect permanently.

Besides the allegiance, he also declared that all the pill refiners of the Magic Hand Sect would provide pills for the members of the Oracle Sect for free and they would help Oracle Sect raise its pill refiners soon.

This series of news about the Oracle Sect spread like a wildfire.

All the cultivators on the South Continent were aware that even though the Oracle Sect which had just been founded, it had already become a catch! It was as powerful as those major sects on the South Continent because of the forces it had built and connections and alliances it made.

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