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   Chapter 1430 Make Her Your Woman

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Once he landed on the peak where the Queen was, Austin immediately found out that Priest Callum and a dozen of the evil shadow race's masters were guarding the entrance to the Queen's cultivation chamber.

Priest Callum instantly greeted Austin the moment he saw him.

"How's the Queen doing?"

Austin asked Priest Callum with a worrisome tone in his voice.

"I don't know. Since she was struck by the old nun, she has locked herself inside the cultivation chamber. She has asked us not to bother her. We know nothing about her condition.

I have tried talking to her through spiritual sense several times, but it's no use. She is not responding,"

Priest Callum replied, his voice still trembling anxiously.

His words also made Austin concerned. Austin immediately sensed what was going on inside the cultivation chamber through his spiritual sense.

Austin felt pure and powerful evil energies surrounding the insides of the chamber. A great number of evil energies were constantly rolling like waves, vibrating the chambers walls.

In the center of the chamber, a lithe and elegant figure was sitting with her legs crossed. Clouds of evil energies enveloped her like a dark blanket.

Through his spiritual sense, Austin sensed that the evil energies in the chamber were quite overbearing and unstable.

But he still wasn't able to determine the Queen's condition. He wasn't sure if she had recovered from her injuries.

"Let's wait a bit longer. It's best not to intrude her cultivation," Austin suggested to Priest Callum.

He knew if they interrupted the Queen right now, they might cause further harm. Waiting was the only thing they could do for now.

Austin, Priest Callum and the others patiently waited outside the chamber.

They waited for an hour. Then for another hour. One more hour passed.

Austin and the others guarded the chamber for almost a day already.

But it seemed that nothing had happened inside the chamber.

Austin was meticulously trying to sense if there were any changes in the cultivation chamber several times during their guard.

Again, nothing seemed out of the ordinary was happening inside the chamber.

Finally, after two days of patiently waiting and guarding the chamber, dark clouds began to form above the peak. Within minutes, the sky grew dark as the dark clouds blocked the sun.

Bolts of lightning numbering in the dozens quickly slithered and ripped their way out of the thick black clouds.

What was happening?

"Does she..."

As Austin stared at the dark clouds, a tinge of joy beamed across his face.

filling the entire area.

It was the preliminary stage of Holy Realm!

Austin could sense that the Queen had reached the preliminary stage of Holy Realm.

She wasn't at the Semi-holy Realm any longer.


A gust of wind sent the Queen's scent to Austin's nose. Within seconds, a well-shaped figure stood in front of Austin.

"Austin, I am sorry. I failed to save Ivy and Sue."

The Queen bowed her head in shame. She knew that Austin loved his two fiancees very much.

"It doesn't matter. I will see both of them again one day.

The nun will also pay dearly for what she has done to you!"

Austin firmly declared. He believed that he could give the nun her comeuppance.

"How about you? Have you recovered from your injuries?"

Austin asked the Queen.

"My injuries weren't that serious as you thought.

I feel completely fine now.

The old nun was indeed a formidable foe.

I felt as weak as an ant in her presence. Her attacks were strong and I thought I was not going to make it.

But thanks to this challenge, I was able to gather my strength to reach the Holy Realm.

The hardship that nun put me through turned out to be a blessing in disguise,"

the Queen further expanded, her face awash with gratitude for her amazing luck.

"I see. Thank goodness you're fine. It's as if a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders,"

Austin replied with a relieved smile forming on his face.

Looking at Austin's face, the Queen knew that Austin cared for her deeply. Somehow, she felt giddy inside. Her cheeks began to glow a shade redder and she felt her heart skip a beat.

'What's wrong with me?' thought the Queen.

It appeared that she was developing feelings for Austin.

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