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   Chapter 1429 A Huge Hand-shaped Hole In The Ground

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"The South Marine Sect of the South Mountain," Austin murmured.

'I've finally gotten information about Ivy and Sue, ' he thought.

Now that he had the information, he made a decision.

"I should not waste time.

I must pay the South Marine Sect a visit the soonest time possible.

I don't care whether Ivy and Sue have the Crystal Buddha Body. I'll make sure that South Marine Saint will regret kidnapping my girls,"

Austin declared with a ferocious look in his eyes.

He swore to himself that he would make the South Marine Saint pay the price.

"Austin, I know this is going to be hard but I have to be honest with you." The Flame Emperor was a bit hesitant to speak.

"We are all aware that no one can match you in the Prime Martial World. However, when compared to the South Marine Sect, you're just a loser," he honestly said.

"According to the Divine Continent Journal, there is a master of the Immortal Transforming Realm in the South Marine Sect of the South Mountain.

Perhaps you have never heard about this Immortal Transforming Realm," he added.

"Well, let me tell you this way," the Flame Emperor started to explain.

"The weakest outer disciples of this sect are either at the Semi-holy Realm or at the Holy Realm. On the other hand, the excellent outer disciples might have entered the Semi-emperor Realm or even the Emperor Realm."

Austin was surprised of what he heard.

'What the hell!

This is crazy!' he thought to himself.

His heart raced.

'There is no Emperor Realm master in the Prime Martial World. The cultivators of the Semi-emperor Realm are already the strongest here.

Just an excellent outer disciple of this sect could be an Emperor Realm master?' Austin was full of disbelief.

'Does this mean this sect can conquer the Prime Martial World by just sending one of their outstanding outer disciples?'

Now, Austin realized how powerful this South Marine Sect was.

'This sect is powerful. Way too powerful!' he told to himself silently.

"Well, what I mentioned earlier only exist in some top sects of the Divine Continent," the Flame Emperor said.

"Other small sects are not that powerful."

Austin didn't say a word so the Flame Emperor continued, "There are a multitude of sects in the Divine Continent a

rning from that nun," Austin speculated.

"Maybe she just wants us to know how strong she is so we will give up getting Ivy and Sue back."

Austin felt scared but he wasn't giving up.

Upon seeing this huge palm-shaped hole, he could tell how incredibly powerful this South Marine Saint who stole his fiancees was.

'According to Mike, this wasn't an all-out attack yet. This only means that that nun hadn't shown her real strength, ' Austin surmised.

He couldn't imagine how strong South Marine Saint could be.

"Judging from this hand-shaped pit, I guess that old nun had at least entered the Minor-perfection Realm and is at least a steward of the South Marine Sect." The Flame Emperor's voice awoken Austin's wandering mind.

"I'll explain everything about the cultivation base of the Divine Continent to you when we get there. For now, all you need to know is that the South Marine Saint is by far stronger than you," he added.

The Flame Emperor's voice resounded in Austin's Soul Sea.

He felt like he still needed to learn and train a lot to be able to rescue his fiancees.

"I got it," Austin just replied curtly.

His eyes were fixed on the huge hand-shaped hole in the ground.

It was like he was studying everything about it.

After a while, Austin flew towards the peak where the queen was to check her injuries.

South Marine Saint was way too powerful. Even though she showed mercy when she hit the queen, Austin was worried that the queen might have still sustained severe injuries.

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