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   Chapter 1428 The Sect In The South Mountain

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The Flame Emperor said he did not have to go back immediately but Austin knew that he was a bit anxious. Austin detected the desire of the Flame Emperor to return to the Divine Continent from his tone.

After all, they both knew that the Flame Emperor could only reconstitute his flesh and bones in the Divine Continent.

Once when they were in the Mysterious Nether World, the Flame Emperor said that the energy of his spiritual soul had drained seriously.

In order to reconstitute his flesh and bones, he had to returned to a place called Land of Life-and-death zone in the Divine Continent. According to the legends, this was where the Reincarnate Lotus might exist.

"Rest assured. Did you see my present strength and wealth? With or without your help, I can easily establish a new sect within several months. We are free to go by then,"

Austin said to the Flame Emperor with his spiritual energy. He kept on erasing his worries.

"I feel fine. I am not feeling anxious at all, ''

the Flame Emperor said in a slow tone.

Austin had observed that the Flame Emperor was that kind person who usually spoke one way and thought another. His actions could easily be interpreted by Austin.

Austin curled down his lips as a sign of surrender. He would just let the Flame Emperor do whatever he wanted.

'Commander Austin, Mike is looking for you. He said that he has something urgent to tell you.''

At this moment, Austin suddenly received Clark's spiritual voice.

'Alright. Did he tell you what is it about?'

Austin was so confused. For him, it was a weird scenario.

In fact, Mike should be with Master Li at this moment. However, he suddenly came back to the Magic Hand Sect to find Austin. So he must really have something urgent to tell Austin. Austin knew that Mike was always discreet and prudent so he could only figure out one answer.

Could it be that something happened to Ivy and Sue?

Immediately, Austin released his spiritual sense and looked for Mike's location.

In an instant, Austin reappeared right in front of Mike by using his Diabolic Flashing Skill.

When Austin saw him, Mike was anxiously walking back and forth as he was rubbing his hands.

"Finally, you are here! I have something to tell you, Austin!"

Mike was thrilled at the sight of Austin as if he had found the backbone.

"What happened? Why do you look so nervous?"

Austin instantly a

ch bigger and more developed than the Prime Martial World.

It has boundless territories that you would never imagine.

Even though a mortal would spend his whole life roaming around the Divine Continent, he could never go over all the places of it.

The Divine Continent can be divided into the East Mainland, the West Desert, the South Mountain, the North Plateau and the Middle Pilgrim Land. Among the five regions, the Middle Pilgrim Land has the most huge territory. It is said that it will take a common warrior a dozen of years to travel across the Middle Pilgrim Land.

By the way, I come from the East Mainland of the Divine Continent.

To let you understand in a simpler way, I must say that the East Mainland alone is a hundred times bigger than the Prime Martial World, ''

the Flame Emperor added.

"It's impossible! The Divine Continent is so huge!''

Austin's eyes grew big in astonishment. He couldn't believe what he just heard.

''Ha-ha! But it's true. In the Divine Continent, many warriors cannot walk over the whole East Mainland, let alone going to other places.''

The Flame Emperor felt contented as he witnessed the effects of his words to Austin. He was smiling with grace.

''I happened to read a book which specifically introduces the geography of the Divine Continent.

I remember it recorded a powerful sect called the South Marine Sect which situated in the South Mountain.

The members of this sect only cultivate Buddha methods.

It is possible that the nun who take away your girls comes from the South Marine Sect, ''

the Flame Emperor added.

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