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   Chapter 1427 Reestablishing The Oracle Sect

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Half a day passed. That was when most of the cultivators excused themselves and left the headquarters of the Magic Hand Sect.

Austin, Godwin, Julius and Peter decided to stay back in the sect headquarters for some time.

In a private conversation, Austin, Angus and Godwin discussed about subsequent management problems of the Magic Hand Sect.

They seriously considered the fact that Lyman had been killed.

They knew that though Lyman was killed, there were still many henchmen of his remaining in the Magic Hand Sect, as he had controlled the sect for over five hundred years.

Angus planned to get rid of all Lyman's henchmen and reorganize the whole sect in a resolute and bold manner.

He believed that it was the only way that he could take full control of the Magic Hand Sect again.

However, it would probably take Angus some more time to restore his vital energy cultivation level to the Semi-emperor Realm. So far, he had merely restored it to the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm.

Therefore, Angus needed Austin and Godwin's help to reorganize his sect.

Austin sent out the A.L. Army from his City model. There were over one hundred thousand soldiers in total. He ordered his army to be stationed in the headquarters of the Magic Hand Sect.

After a little while, a few figures could be seen.

These figures were heading for a giant mountain peak within the headquarters of the Magic Hand Sect, which was so high that it seemed to be piercing the clouds.

The summit of the mountain was perennially covered in thick snow, so it looked like a vast expanse of whiteness.

Amidst the white snow cover, there was a massive lake.

The cerulean lake was inlaid with the snowfield like a sapphire, looking sacred and enchanting.

Beside the lake, there were several simple-constructed, small wooden houses.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All of a sudden, the figures that were flying on the distant horizon started rushing towards the houses in an extremely fast speed.

After a short while, they reached the summit and landed in front of the small wooden houses.

Their arrival broke the silence that was prevailing in that place.

"Who dares to come to my place?

It's my personal cultivation site, the forbidden area of the sect. Didn't I order that this place is out of bounds for anyone? No one is allowed to enter this place for any reason, without permission!"

A female voice came out from one of the small wooden houses, even before the figures could get close to the door.

"Ha ha! My sweetest Becky, even I'm not allowed to come here?"

an elder with grizzled hair and dressed in a black robe asked. He was one of the figures in front of that small wooden house. He spoke with a slight laugh, his tone calm and natural.

Despite his composure on the outside, his body kept shivering uncontrollably. His chest kept rising and falling as he was inhaling and exhaling deeply. Apparently, he was trying to suppress his excitement.

This elder was Angus.

Angus's voice trailed away.

And there was deathly silence. Not a sound

here and set off for the Divine Continent,"

the Flame Emperor spoke to Austin in his Soul Sea.

"Yes. There are still many wishes to fulfill, but the most important one is to establish a sect."

Austin recalled that in the ruins of the Oracle Sect within the Barren Mountain of the Triangle Zone, he had made a promise to its sect leader, who had perished long ago.

When Austin met the sect leader's soul, the latter asked Austin to help him reestablish the Oracle Sect and succeed him as the eighteenth sect leader. Austin had promised to do so.

Moreover, he had given Austin all the treasures which were within the treasury of the Oracle Sect.

Though Austin was actually reluctant to be the eighteenth leader of the Oracle Sect, he was weighed down by the promise he had made to the sect leader's soul.

And since he had made a promise, he would absolutely do his best to reestablish the Oracle Sect.

"Establishing a sect? What do you mean by that, Austin?

Do you mean you want to establish a new sect of your own in the Prime Martial World?"

the Flame Emperor asked in confusion.

"No. That's not what I mean,"

Austin responded as he shook his head. Then he told everything about the Oracle Sect to the Flame Emperor.

"So this is it!

You are a man of your word, Austin. I am quite surprised and delighted to know that,"

the Flame Emperor said, as he got to know the whole picture.

"Since I promised the leader of the Oracle Sect, I have to fulfill his last wish.

I'm going to reestablish his sect in the following days,"

Austin said softly.

Although the Flame Emperor was anxious to return to the Divine Continent, he knew it was impossible for him to stop Austin from doing what he wanted to do.

"Well, that's fine.

Since I have been away from the Divine Continent for such a long time, I don't mind waiting a few more days.

Just be careful and try to reestablish the Oracle Sect step by step. When you get all things done, then it's time for us to leave,"

the Flame Emperor uttered.

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