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   Chapter 1426 You Got A Big Heart

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Austin silently looked at those who begged him to spare their lives.

They were rattled and terrified as his cold gaze slowly panned towards their direction.

They were fully aware that they stood no chance against Austin even if they attacked him together.

After all, they had heard about the news that Austin vanquished thirty or forty demons of the Semi-emperor Realm in the Mysterious Sky City on his own.

They had no intention of committing suicide by trying their luck and attacking Austin.

After all, they knew that the founder of the Magic Hand Sect—Angus who was levitating above the square was aligned with Austin.

Angus had been controlling the Saint Pill Array. It meant that all the people's lives were in his hands.

No one dared to make a move against Austin.

"That's enough, Austin. There is no need to kill all of them,"

Angus said to Austin through his spiritual sense.

Austin nodded his head in agreement.

"So you are willing to compensate me?"

Austin said.

"Yes, of course. Please give us a chance, Commander Austin!"

the leaders and reclusive elders of those sects responded immediately while sporting surprised and delighted look on their faces.

"All right. I didn't force you to do that,"

Austin said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Of course you didn't coerce us. It's our own choice. Ha-ha. We wanted to compensate you."

"Yes, it's our own choice."

'Trading crystals for my life is a good deal. Even though I'm going to pay him lots of crystals, I can earn them in the future. If I lose my life, I'll lose everything, ' they thought.

They nodded cheerfully as if they heard some good news.

Some even joyfully shook in their place.

They could tell that Austin was going to let them go.

"All right. It's better to make friends than make enemies. Besides, I don't enjoy killing for nothing.

Now that you've shown your sincerity, I'll give you another chance. It's up to you to decide how many crystals you're going to give me,"


he ceremony because of Lyman, who was good at refining pills.

Lyman was known as the best pill refiner in the South Continent. However, Angus was miles away better in alchemy than him.

Furthermore, Angus was famous for his outstanding pill refining skills five hundred years ago. No one could be par with him when it came to alchemy.

But now, Lyman was dead.

It meant that Angus was the best pill refiner in the South Continent once again.

Moreover, those guests were aware that Angus was on good terms with Austin.

Sucking up to Angus might get them closer to Austin.

Hence, the other guests who saw Tierry congratulate Angus became aware what they should do.

They swarmed towards Angus.

"Congratulations, sir!"

"Ha-ha... I've heard much about you, sir. You deserve your reputation."

All of them hurled complementary remarks towards Angus in a bid to please him.

Those were leaders or reclusive elders of different sects.

Some of those elders, stewards and disciples weren't even qualified to speak to Angus.

But Angus was an easygoing person. Faced with their enthusiastic congratulations, he responded without putting on airs.

Since Angus had already stopped using the Saint Pill Array, the power emitting from the array disappeared.

The tense atmosphere which enveloped the square vanished too.

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