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   Chapter 1425 Bloody Massacre

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The Space-controlling Palm was hit and broken to pieces at once. The harsh sound of the force reverberated in the area.

Austin had now mastered the Space Teleportation skill. His understanding of the spatial power was much better and more profound than the Song Clan leader.

With his continuously growing power and control over it, he became unstoppable. The Song Clan leader's Space-controlling Palm could pose no threat to him. It looked like a rookie showed off a low skill over an expert.

Then, another sword-light ray pierced through the Song Clan leader's body.


The light ray consumed the man's body until his whole body exploded. The scene was gruesome.

Meanwhile, Austin's demonic avatar began to strike at the other three clan leaders. It looked hungry for blood.

More than a dozen demonic skills were performed during that short moment. Numerous blasts of violent demonic energy hit the square and made it tremble.

Luckily, the Saint Pill Array above the square had produced some mysterious barrier of its own. The barrier seemed to protect the whole square.

If it hadn't been for that protection, the whole square would have been destroyed completely.

They were running out of time. The battle continued to unfold as the attacks kept coming.

Boom! Boom!

Another series of powerful attacks resonated. The other three clan leaders had also been slaughtered by Austin and his demonic avatar.

Together, they were so powerful. Those semi-emperors couldn't even put up a fight against them.

"Ha-ha. It turns out that Austin's fighting capacities have improved in such a horrible manner.

Besides, he also owns a demonic avatar which is obviously more powerful than an Emperor Realm warrior.

It's no wonder that he once told me not to worry. He said that he could deal with Lyman and the Magic Hand Sect for me.

I thought he was just boasting his strength then. Now, I know for sure it's true,"

Angus murmured to himself while he was flying in midair. He observed the young soldier as he fought side by side with his demonic avatar. He was stunned at Austin's fighting skills at first but then he also felt relieved.

"Fuck. I didn't know that you had cultivated such a powerful and formidable set of sword-wielding techniques. The combination of your spiritual sense and the sword aura made it so wonderful and unique.

It honestly surprised me.

Moreover, you're very fortunate to have refined a demonic avatar which has the power of a demon emperor. I'm really impressed and even jealous of your success.

In the Prime Martial World, those semi-emperors are no match for you. Only Emperor Realm warriors can pose some threats to you."

The Flame Emperor's voice echoed in Austin's Soul Sea. His voice reflected awe and pride at the same time.

After the intense battle, the leader of the Ghost Puppet Sect, the head of the New Moon Sect, and all the other leaders of the four clans had been slai

Ghost Puppet Sect, the New Moon Sect, the four clans, the Polarity Sect, the Breeze Sect and the Celestial Gate Sect had all been killed.

The fact that so many leaders were killed by the same person in one day had never occurred before in the history of the Prime Martial World. No one ever anticipated such things happening.

If the news got out, it would set the whole world on fire. People on the South Continent or even in the Prime Martial World would all be stunned.

Silence fell on the square and not a tiny sound was made. They stared at the scene wide-eyed.

Nobody would easily believe what they just saw.

A few moments ago, so many leaders and reclusive elders from different sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom were confident that they could subdue Austin easily.

However, they regretted what they had said about taking Austin down. They were severely terrified.

"Commander Austin, those people are really annoying and inconstant. They don't deserve any forgiveness.

But, I was tricked to join them to make trouble for you. I was once kind and generous before all these things happened.

I made mistakes. But I promise that I won't do it again. Please, Commander Austin. Please let me go.

I swear that I won't do this again,"

a tall and middle-aged man whose body was wrapped around by lightning begged him.

"Commander Austin, I'm the leader of the Cyan Sect. You and I have never been enemies.

If you forgive me and let me go, I'll give you a great deal of resources to help your cultivation. No matter how much you need, I will satisfy you,"

a long-faced man in his fifties also said to Austin. He was confident that his treasures would persuade Austin to let him off. He heard from somewhere that Austin liked money.

"Commander Austin, I'll compensate for your loss, no matter how much it will cost!"

"Elder Angus, please say something and save us."

Another guy suddenly knelt and turned to Angus to beg for help.

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