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   Chapter 1424 A Good Job

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Moments later, all members of the Magic Hand Sect came forward to greet Angus.

Fifty to sixty thousand people from the Magic Hand Sect stood humbly in front of him.

Now that they knew the truth, each of them was eager to follow Angus and obey his rules.

'This white-haired elder in a black robe is the founder of our sect—Angus An.

He established the Magic Hand Sect alone.

He is the real master of our sect.

Now that he is back, he should be our new leader, ' they thought.

"Well, you can leave now,"

Angus said quietly, as he gestured his disciples to leave the place.

"Yes," the members of the Magic Hand Sect replied with reverence to Angus.

They bowed their heads and then returned to where they had stood.

"Ha-ha! Congratulations, Angus!"

Austin commended as he reached Angus in a flash.

"You take all the credit for this, Austin. Thank you," Angus responded, as he looked at the tall, thin young man.

He felt nothing but gratefulness and admiration for Austin.

'If I had not met him, I would still be trapped in the Medicine Valley of the Mysterious Nether World alone, ' Angus thought.

"Why so serious, Angus?"

Austin smiled as he asked him.

"So it's time to take care of my unfinished business."

Austin smiled as he put his arms across his chest.

He then turned around and swept his gaze through the crowd on the square, searching on the sea of faces in front of him.

His eyes fell on those who had taken Lyman's side against him. He took a deep breath and started talking to the crowd.

"Didn't you say you would take my life together?

Now is the time for that. I'm here, and I will play with you," Austin said teasingly.

The smile on his face disappeared, replaced by a fierce, menacing look. He was ready and eager to kill those who wanted him dead.

The leaders and reclusive elders of the sects who once joined hands with Lyman instantly regretted their decisions. They looked around them, as they searched for a way out.

'Lyman is dead, and the Saint Pill Array is under Angus's control. We don't stand a chance against Austin.

What should we do?' they thought, as everyone started to panic.

"What ar


We should not have listened to Lyman! He fooled us!

We can compensate you for our mistake.

Name your price. We will give it to you as long as we can afford it," one of the four clan leaders shouted.

He and the rest of the three clan leaders kept stepping back. They wanted to get far away from Austin as much as possible.

"Would you let me go if my life was in your hands?"

Austin sneered.

The four clan leaders were speechless. They did not want to annoy Austin any further.

'I will take my revenge, ' they thought.

"I let you go at the headquarters of the Sky Sect.

But look how you repaid my kindness. You attempted to kill me.

Now you want me to spare your lives?

Do you think I will repeat the same mistake?

You're as good as dead,"

Austin ranted in a loud, angry voice.

He dashed towards the four clan leaders.

And so did his demonic avatar.

"Damn! You have gone too far. I will kill you first!"

the leader of the Song Clan called out frantically.

A vital energy emerged from his body and formed a huge palm over his head to protect him.

The palm made of vital energy released the spatial force

It took off and dived at Austin. It caused a strong wind and the dust on the ground to fly up in the air.

The leader of the Song Clan had released the Space-controlling Palm—his family-owned, secret martial arts skill.


A powerful, misty sword-light flew towards the palm.

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