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   Chapter 1423 Angus' Revenge

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"The Saint Pill Array is already in my control,"

Angus said to Austin through spiritual sense.

Upon hearing this information, Austin breathed a deep sigh of relief.

He felt his nerves slowly calming down.

The Saint Pill Array possessed immense power that Austin felt that his skills wasn't strong enough to handle such a thing.

Austin informed Godwin, Julius and Peter about the situation through spiritual sense.

The three of them were both surprised and delighted when they learned the good news.

This was due to the fact that the Saint Pill Array had put too much pressure on them.

Now, with Angus handling the Saint Pill Array, they were brimming with joy since one of their allies could control the powerful item with ease.

Everyone in the square was astonished.

Some people couldn't believe their ears. "I'm Angus, the founder of the Magic Hand Sect."

These words shook the very foundations of the Magic Hand Sect.

Most of the people's attention were focused on the platform in the center of the square.

At the apprentice ceremony, Trahan had just worshiped a portrait of the founder of the Magic Hand Sect on the platform.

The crowd gazed up at the white-haired old man in the black robe who was floating above the square. They then glanced over the portrait which was hanging on the platform.

Their assumptions were correct!

The floating old man and the person in the portrait was indeed the same man!

More and more people began to put two and two together.

"Whoosh!" All of a sudden, a figure suddenly appeared in the sky over the square.

His eyes were fixed on Angus.

"You... You said you are... Are you really our master? Really?"

He was a grey-haired old man that sported a red nose reeked of wine.

Austin recognized at once who the old man was. It was Elder Drew. He remembered back when he sneaked into the Magic Hand Sect and worked for Elder Drew as a refinery assistant.

Austin was surprised by Elder Drew's questions.

'Is Elder Drew a disciple of Angus?' he wondered.

Elder Drew continued to stare at Angus with doubts, expectations and excitement glistening his eyes.

He thought Angus had died long ago.

But now, Angus was standing right in front of him.

"How are you doing, my little Drew? Have you forgotten your master already?"

Angus asked whi

ants of its target.

Lyman's demise came at the hands of the newly-resurrected Angus.

Angus breathed a sigh of relief.

He finally got his revenge by ending Lyman by himself.

Austin happily smiled upon seeing Angus accomplish one of his goals upon returning to life.

"So, all of you... "

Angus' voice resounded throughout the square. His eyes slowly scanned the people from the Magic Hand Sect.

Up to now, only Elder Drew admitted Angus as his original master.

None of the other people from the Magic Hand Sect, including the reclusive elders to the ordinary disciples, had declared their opinion.

However, upon seeing the old man's display of his power, all the people in this square had fully understood. The white-haired old man in a black robe was indeed Angus, the founding father of the Magic Hand Sect.

They also believed that Angus told them about Lyman murdering his own master five hundred years ago.

"I'm disciple Chant, the reclusive elder of the Magic Hand Sect. Welcome back, our respectful sect leader Angus!"

Under the gaze of Angus, one of the reclusive elders of the Magic Hand Sect stepped out first and bowed to him respectfully.

Then, the other three reclusive elders of the Magic Hand Sect also came forward to salute Angus.

With four reclusive elders taking the lead, the rest of the Magic Hand Sect came to pay homage to Angus.

Austin was relieved that Angus finally regained the control of the Magic Hand Sect.

The people from other sects in the square all watched the event in reverent silence.

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