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   Chapter 1422 I'm Angus An

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The leaders of the four clans in the Heavenly Kingdom finally made up their minds. They decided to join forces with Lyman to fight against Austin.

Besides those sects and clans, even the leaders and reclusive elders of another dozen of sects said that they would also side with Lyman against Austin.

The sects included the Thunder Sect and the Cyan Sect in the Elite Holy Kingdom and the Holy Sect in the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom.

They all had trouble with Austin in the past.

These people who decided to work with Lyman were convinced that the Saint Pill Array above the square could take Austin and bring him down from power.

They were willing to take their chances against Austin. He had been a threat to them for a while now. They couldn't miss this opportunity to take him down.

The people from the sects who had joined forces now stared at Austin silently. They were eager to know what was going on in his mind.

Amidst the tense situation, Austin surprisingly glanced at his enemies with a lingering smile on his face. No one could see through his mind. His face did not hint anything.

Upon seeing so many sects sided with him, Lyman grew confident. He couldn't help but break out laughing. He thought that he had the upper hand now.

"So what, Austin? You've now realized how stupid you were, haven't you?

I've given you a chance, but you just wasted it. You deserve this.

Humph! No matter how strong you are, you're not going to make it out of here alive," Lyman declared with so much hatred.

He intently stared at Austin with so much disdain.

The instant he exclaimed his last word, he leaped into the air in a flash. He was as fast as lightning.

He gracefully made different gestures with his hands. He formed mysterious spiritual sense symbols and hit them on the array. He looked like a vicious soldier on the battlefield who would not let his opponent escape his attacks.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The sound of his attacks resonated in the area. The low rumble coming from the array echoed throughout the square.

Lyman evidently sent the message to communicate with the array.

"Ha-ha! You can't get away from us. Get ready, everyone. Let's end this brat's life together!

I'm going to activate the array to launch a frontal attack towards him. All you need to do is to hit him at a critical moment,"

Lyman said to his comrades as he floated mid-air.

"Austin, you rush towards the pot made of spiritual power above the square. Then I'll control the array. Do it right now!"

Angus's voice rang out in Austi

of panic as he prepared a countermove.

He started to draw various formulas in the air as he tried to regain full control of the array again.

"You old bastard, it's too late."

There was no way Austin would watch Lyman snatch the control of the array from Angus. He immediately launched an attack to the man.


The overwhelming evil aura filled the air. A beam of black light emerged from the evil aura and stood in front of Lyman. There appeared Austin's demonic avatar. Lyman was not prepared for that attack.

The demonic avatar swung fiercely at Lyman. All of a sudden, darkness devoured the square and no one could see anything.

It attacked Lyman with the powerful Demon Punch.


The cunningly low sound rang.

After that, the darkness disappeared and everybody could now see things clearly.

A figure came into their view. It was no other than Lyman. He stepped back with blood coming out of his mouth.

"I'm Angus An—the founder of the Magic Hand Sect. I got killed by my rebellious disciple, Lyman five hundred years ago.

And now... I'm back.

From now on, Lyman is no longer the leader of the Magic Hand Sect. He will be nothing but a traitor."

Angus's flat voice reverberated throughout the square. However, his words spoke of a deadly promise.

A deafening silence enveloped the whole area.

Everyone present on the square was dumbfounded. They kept staring at Angus with wide eyes.

Lyman's face paled instantly. All the blood drained from his face.

"No, that's impossible. I'm sure I ended this old bastard long ago," Lyman murmured, gaping at the elder who was wearing a black robe.

He still couldn't believe that Angus was here, alive.

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