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   Chapter 1419 Pay The Price For Your Evil Deeds

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It was Austin who was speaking.

Trahan knelt before Lyman as he served him the spiritual tea. This was the most crucial link for the disciple-accepting rite.

It was why Austin said those words at that point.

His remark made the atmosphere on the square tense up.

Lyman's face darkened in anger and resentment filled his eyes as he stared at Austin.

'Obviously, he is here to cause trouble, ' he thought.

All the people of the Magic Hand Sect, including the elders and disciples seemed paralyzed as they fixed their eyes on Austin.

Their eyes were filled with anger. Everyone silently wished for Austin to just die and disappear.

"What do you mean by that, Commander Austin?

Did we do something wrong to displease you?

Or did you come here to cause trouble because you do not want to let us go?

Don't forget you promised us, together with the other sects and clans that you would leave us alone when we gave you sixty million divine vital energy crystals.

Are you backing out of your promise?" Lyman asked, obviously irritated. He stood up from his seat abruptly, his chair falling down on the ground with a bang.

He glared at Austin, outraged and seething in anger.

The leaders and elders of both the sects and clans who previously had problems with Austin were all worried. They listened intensely at Lyman and waited for Austin's answer.

"Commander Austin, are you going to break your words and continue to seek revenge on us?"

"Commander Austin, we all handed sixty million divine vital energy crystals to you.

Everyone knows about it. Are you going to ignore that fact?"

Members of the other sects and clans pointed their fingers at Austin as they started to question him and his motives. Their eyes were full of anger and confusion.

They were terrified that Austin was going to back out on his promise and was going to give them a hard time.

"Take it easy, guys, I'm a man of honor and I always keep my promises. I have already let the past go. We're even now.

You have my word on that,"

Austin replied with a faint smile.

His statement sent relief to the people from the sects and clans that were in front of him.

"I was just expressing m

ve my sect alone.

What do you say, Austin?" Lyman proposed holding his breath.

He wanted so much for Austin to just say 'yes' and leave.

He wished he could run forward to take Austin's life. This way his secret would remain safe and hidden.

But he did not dare make a move for he was aware of Austin's formidable battle force.

That was why he chose to negotiate with Austin.

Everyone present was shocked by Lyman's offer.

'Seriously? He is going to give Austin one hundred million divine vital energy crystals?'

"That was very generous of you,"

Austin responded with a defiant look at Lyman.

"Two hundred million divine vital energy crystals.

If you leave right now and promise you will never cause trouble with us, I will give you two hundred million divine vital energy crystals.

I am making a big sacrifice. I hope you will be contented with this offer. Then just leave us in peace,"

Lyman said after he hesitated for a while.

Two hundred million divine vital energy crystals was no joke. It was all he had left from his savings.

He was willing to offer Austin such a big fortune because he had a gut feeling that Austin had found out what he did to his master five hundred years ago.

"Even if you give me one billion divine vital energy crystals, I will not make a deal with you.

It's about time you pay the price for your evil deeds," Austin flatly refused Lyman's offer.

His eyes reflected rage and indignation.

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