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   Chapter 1418 I Don't Believe It

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Lyman had resided at the headquarters of the Magic Hand Sect, instead of joining the Southern Alliances Army.

So he didn't see Austin in person.

But he had seen Austin's portrait many times before this and was naturally quite familiar with Austin's appearance.

Evidently upon seeing Austin, Lyman immediately recognized him. Austin recently had enjoyed a high reputation on the South Continent.

Lyman was a little taken aback to see Austin, because he hadn't invited Austin.

Lyman personally felt that Austin had intruded into his territory.

Other than Lyman, the senior members of the other sects also recognized Austin.

There was a dead silence all around and the air was filled with awkwardness.

Everyone simply stared at Austin in surprise.

"Welcome, welcome, Commander Austin; our Magic Hand Sect is made brighter by your presence!

Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable!"

Lyman tried to normalize the situation because as the leader of the Magic Hand Sect, he could handle it easily.

At first, Lyman did get surprised at Austin's arrival. But now he was proud about this sudden twist in the course of the events.

Austin was famous now. Lyman took his arrival as a good sign.

'Well, you are a master indeed. So what? Does it make a difference?

I am still the topmost pill refiner on the South Continent. You have no other option but to team up with me!

No warrior can even dare to disrespect me at any point of time, '

Lyman thought to himself, self-satisfied.

"Arrange a seat for Commander Austin! Quickly, work fast!"

Lyman quickly let out the command. He looked extremely energetic.

"Lyman, you don't have to be so formal with me.

I am just here for the fun,"

Austin said flatly.

Austin absolutely hated Lyman from the very core of his heart. All he wanted to do was to tear Lyman into a million pieces and finish him off as soon as possible.

But his plan was greater. He first wanted Lyman to fall from grace and be dis reputed in front of everyone. He was waiting patiently for the right point of time.

Austin was unnaturally cold, which was observed carefully by Lyman. He thought it was just Austin's snobbery that was being displayed.

'Huh! Boy, how dare you put on that air in my presence?

If you ask me to help you refine elixirs next time, I will give you a piece of my mind, ' thought Lyman.

Lyman belie

the superior elder ordered after Trahan finishing kowtowing before Angus's portrait.

Trahan instantly kowtowed to Lyman as per the order.

At the same time, a disciple of the Magic Hand Sect walked up to them with a teacup in his hand.

"Master, enjoy this beauty cup of tea, please!"

Trahan offered the same to Lyman while holding the teacup in his hand.

Lyman didn't accept it immediately though.

"Trahan, once you formally acknowledge our sect leader as your master, he will be your master forever! You will have to respect and honor him forever from now on.

Remember, never betray your master and never disgrace the sect or play with its reputation.

Otherwise, even God won't forgive you. And our Magic Hand Sect won't let you get away with your life easily. You will have to pay dearly.

Trahan, can you promise this kind of loyalty to your master and our sect forever?"

the superior elder suddenly asked loudly and seriously, almost as loud as a clap of thunder.

Trahan got alarmed by this loud noise.

"I promise I will!" replied Trahan while composing himself.

He had come back to his sense and understood what was happening.

However, someone uttered, at the same moment


If someone in your Magic Hand Sect betrays his master and do something to ruin the sect's reputation, will you have the courage and nerve to kill him?

I don't think you can do that."

All of a sudden, everyone could understood that the voice was filled with taunt and sneers.

It wasn't loud, but it was enough to attract the attention of everyone present over there.

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