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   Chapter 1417 We Are Here For The Ceremony

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Perched among the magnificent mountain range that stretched for 10, 000 miles was the Magic Hand Sect.

It was one spectacular scenery – many would call it blessed, even – enveloped in cloud and mist, as well as gorgeous peaks and rare species of plants and beasts.

Grand palaces, exquisite pavilions, and intricately detailed terraces abound this region, ready to leave anyone who would catch a glimpse of it in awe.

Perhaps, what drew anyone and everyone further in this side of the continent in such a subtle and mysterious way was the refreshing and intoxicating scent of elixir, which was abundantly being developed at the Magic Hand Sect.

There was so much to celebrate at the Magic Hand Sect, especially today, as their leader Lyman would officially take a disciple.

With the cheerfully busy vibe in the atmosphere, it was, needless to say, a celebration of high importance.

Every member of the Sect, from elders to youngsters, was engaged in decorating their homes and establishments with lanterns and streamers.

Guests from other sects had confirmed their attendance, so it was a must for the people of the Magic Hand Sect to fully prepare, and thus, ultimately demonstrate their Sect's strength.

The ceremony would be held at the Magic Hand Plaza, an expansive assembly venue in the headquarters

where significant events took place.

The sun seemed to join the festivities as well, emitting gentle yet vibrant rays that made the sea of ornaments in the Plaza, including red lanterns and colorful silk ribbons, shine brighter.

This kind of celebration might've given the New Year festive proceedings a run for its money.

In the middle of the Plaza, a platform that spanned hundreds of square meters was put up, with rows and rows of tables and chairs and an elegant array of precious fruits, fine tea, and delicate pastries.

Not everyone could sit there, though. The area was set up specifically for important figures, namely leaders and elders from other sects.

Others who did not fall under those categories should sit wherever around the Plaza.

The ceremony was scheduled at noon.

Delegates from other sects were expected to arrive soon.

Meanwhile, outside the Magic Hand Sect

that they maintained a good relationship with the Magic Hand Sect.

Lyman and his disciple returned the favor to their guests through a great level of respect and unprecedented generosity.

Yet, if one would sink into the bottom of Lyman's heart, it would be revealed that he was proud of another thing.

That this ceremony had attracted so many important figures was a clear indication of

Lyman's influential reputation in the South Continent.

As he marveled over the huge crowd, Lyman had no misgivings that the ceremony would be successful and unforgettable not just for him and his apprentice, but everyone who witnessed it.

He believed he had no reason to remove that proud smile on his face.

Suddenly, however, flashes of blinding light drew near the Plaza.

They moved unusually fast, as if faster than the normal speed of light, and came with a sound so loud that could raise anyone's anxiety to the maximum.

Somehow, with an event as huge as this, attendees at the Plaza had an inkling that another powerful person would arrive.

When the lights finally descended in front of Lyman, it was as if a nuclear bomb had exploded.

"Lyman, Lyman, Lyman... Congratulations.

We are here for the ceremony as well,"

said Godwin, who appeared as transcendent and venerable as a deity.

He greeted Lyman on behalf of his companions Austin, Julius, and Peter.

Lyman's eyes grew wide at the sight of these four individuals and looked straight at Austin.

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