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   Chapter 1416 Setting Out

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The peak stood in calmness. Finally, Austin found the perfect place for Angus to settle in.

He asked his people to watch the peak closely and keep the outsiders away from Angus.

Angus had been resurrected, but he needed some time to recuperate. The environment must be quiet and peaceful for him to recover his lost vital energy and cultivation base.

For the next three days, Austin spent his time leisurely. During the day, he visited the nearby places together with his two fiancees, Ivy and Sue. Then at night, he practiced diligently.

The weather started to get colder, and yellow leaves covered the ground as autumn reached its peak. However, at Master Li's retreat, it remained lush with misty clouds and waterfalls. It was a special place with a perpetual spring.

Austin's fiancees, Ivy and Sue were both pretty girls. He always enjoyed the pleasure of their company when he traveled around.

The young couples were burning with passion. They could not help but enjoy the pleasure of intimacy. They enjoyed the warmth of each other's body as they cuddled in each other arms.

Sue was very infatuated with Austin. She would always yearn for his warm embrace, and would often throw herself into his arms.

Every time Austin held their beautiful bodies, he could not help but be distracted. He was almost unable to get a hold himself and lose his control.

His days passed, wrapped up in their warmth and tenderness, temporarily forgetting other things.

At this very moment, Austin felt a real sense of happiness. He used to live a life that was always on the edge, as he was always on the battlefield, living a bloody life of constant killing. Now he was in pure bliss.

Then a familiar voice teased Austin, "Damn, you have such two beautiful fiancees. How lucky you are!

What are you waiting for? Make them your real wives.

Remember, to adhere to the principle of the woman—Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

I speak from my experience.

Oh, buddy, are you incompetent?"

It was the Flame Emperor. He always nagged at Austin inside his Soul Sea.

"Flame Emperor, shut up!"

Austin stopped him inside his Soul Sea.

Judging from his naughty words, Austin was sure that the Flame Emperor used to be a raunchy guy.

Aside from accompanying his two fiancees, Austin also chatted with Evan and Herbert, and they reminisced their years in the Sun Sect.

Austin was stunned when he heard about Evan's and Herbert's rapid cultivation progress.

They had now reached the preliminary stage of Master Realm, while six months ago, they were only at the

us and try to break through.

Don't disturb her. Keep her out of this action," Austin said to the old Priest Callum.

He then started to make his move. Seconds later, he appeared at the peak where Angus was.

Angus was already prepared and was waiting for Austin.

He was standing with his hands behind his back. As he looked in the direction of the Magic Hand Sect's headquarters, his eyes flickered with anticipation, excitement, as well as a faint glint of murder.

"Angus, it's time to set out."

Austin walked towards Angus.

"It has been more than five hundred years! I never thought I'd get a chance to go back to the Magic Hand Sect.

I wonder how is my poor Rebecca now," Angus sighed.

There was a touch of kindness that came across his eyes and a tinge of longing in his voice.

"Don't worry, Angus.

You'll see her soon," Austin comforted him.

Rebecca was Angus' dear daughter.

She was now the superior elder of the Magic Hand Sect. And she lived in seclusion in the Magic Hand Lake.

Austin got this information when he sneaked into the Magic Hand Sect and later became Elder Drew's refinery assistant.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

At the time, three figures appeared out of thin air. They were so fast that they reached the top of the mountain in the blink of an eye. They were Godwin, Julius, and Peter.

"Well, we're all here. Let's go."

Austin took out his Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.

The interior of the chariot was quite large. It could accommodate at least eight people.

Austin, Angus and the three who just arrived, were now all inside the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.

Then the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot quickly flew towards the direction of the Magic Hand Sect.

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