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   Chapter 1415 Three Days Later

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Godwin, Peter, and Julius were still reeling from the recent revelation. The three of them had just learned the old man before their eyes was the exact same man who set up the Magic Hand Sect hundreds of years ago.

Upon learning this, they gazed upon Angus with eyes that bore both respect and fear.

The truth was that even for the three of them, Angus was a senior cultivator.

Back in those days, Angus became well known in the South Continent due to his impeccable art of pill-refining and his powerful vital energy force cultivation base. Godwin, Peter, and Julius had still been mere youngsters at the time.

Later, Angus started the Magic Hand Sect all by himself. The sect became one of the top five large sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom under his care.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse after that. Lyman, a disciple of Angus', suddenly turned against him. A wisp of his soul managed to escape to the Mysterious Nether World and survive there. After that, Angus was not seen again in the South Continent.

It was only five hundred years later that the youngsters Godwin, Peter, and Julius grew up to become the top powerful cultivators in the South Continent. All three of them were now at the Semi-emperor Realm.

And yet, the three were unable to hold back their surprise at Angus' name.

It took a while before the three regained their composure. Clearing their throats, Godwin, Peter, and Julius turned to Angus and began to speak, their voices carrying the great respect they had for the famed cultivator.

"You're Angus, the well-known pill refiner from long ago... The man was known all throughout the South Continent... Sir, we deeply apologize for our earlier disrespect.

Please forgive us, Sir."

Godwin bowed low before Angus, giving him a proper polite greeting this time.

Julius and Peter followed suit, stepping forward and bowing to Angus with great respect.

The sudden change in their behavior took Angus by surprise. It took a few moments before he realized Austin must have revealed his identity to the three of them.

"Sir, the three elders are all from our side and can be trusted,"

said Austin confidently to Angus.

"Very well," Angus said.

Austin's words were a cause of great relief to him. This was a man he could trust, and if he said the three could be trusted, then Angus would believe him.

"There is no need for such formalities.

My current cultivation base now is not as high as yours. As such, I can't accept so much respect from you,"

Angus told Godwin and the other two, sighing.

Godwin shook his head at these words. "Sir Angus, please don't say such things. Hundreds of years ago, when you were the top one in the South Continent, Peter, Julius, and I were only in our twenties. We were only young, and were nothing more than ordinary cultivators.

In our eyes, Sir Angus, you will always be an elder worthy of respect, now and forever,"

Godwin responded immediately.

Before Angus could reply, Peter joined in the conversation. "Wait just a minute," he interjected. "I just remembered something, Sir An

sily defeat Lyman, a cultivator at the Semi-emperor Realm, as well.

"Austin... What is REALLY going on..."

The expression Angus wore as he looked at Austin was one of true puzzlement. He was suddenly at a loss about the current situation.

After all, Austin was only at the Primal Holy Realm. Normally, he was as weak as an ant when compared to a cultivator at the Semi-emperor Realm.

And yet, as Angus heard Peter, Julius, and Godwin's confident words and saw their carefree expressions, he realized they were not joking at all. They meant every single word they said.

A strange feeling settled in the pit of Angus' stomach.

Was there a secret he did not know? Were they keeping something from him?

"Ha ha. Sir Angus, please relax," said Austin with a reassuring smile. "After three days, we will set off for the Magic Hand Sect.

Trust me. I'm going to defeat Lyman."

He offered no explanation for his words. Angus could only stare at him in disbelief.

"Very well, then," Angus conceded.

"I believe in you, Austin.

Now that you have made your decision, we will go and see Lyman in three days!"

In the end, Angus had no choice but to agree with them, nodding his head in approval at their plan.

Despite his concerns, Austin's, Godwin's, Peter's, and Julius' confidence made him feel less anxious.

Even if he couldn't even begin to fathom how Austin, someone merely at the Primal Holy Realm, could be so confident about being able to defeat Lyman, Angus believed that the four wouldn't lie to him.

After this, Austin then took Angus and the other three to the peak where Master Li resided. First, they had to find a place for Angus to live in.

As they went, Austin sent a spiritual sense message to Clark, requesting that he would send his men to keep an eye on the Magic Hand Sect.

He also advised Clark to prepare to head for the Magic Hand Sect in three days alongside all the members of the A.L. Army.

'Lyman, it's time for you to pay for what you did to Angus!'

thought Austin, his sharp gaze filled with a burning hatred.

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