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   Chapter 1414 Angus's Coming Back To The Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom

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"Sir, don't say that. You don't have to do that.

I surely believe you.

There is no need to give me the spiritual orb," said Austin.

The Flame emperor's suggestion dumbfounded him a lot.

The Soul Sea was the most important place to every warrior. They valued it more than anything in this world and protected it like their lives depended on it. It was, actually.

If a warrior let someone enter his Soul Sea, it would definitely result to his own tragedy.

If any intruder planned to resort to an evil deed, they could easily harm the spiritual soul while inside the Soul Sea.

For example, a master like the Flame Emperor could easily harm Austin when inside his Soul Sea. The outcome would be unimaginable if he did.

"Austin, what you have heard from Angus is right. In the world of martial arts, it is cruel and benefits always come first. Keep it in mind that in every life-threatening situation, and trust no one but yourself!"

said the Flame Emperor earnestly.

"Alright then."

Austin had no choice but to agree with the Flame Emperor's suggestion.

The Flame Emperor gave his spiritual orb to Austin. And then he swiftly pierced into Austin's Soul Sea.

"A spiritual tree!"

"Damn! You have a spiritual tree!"

After the Flame Emperor entered Austin's Soul Sea, the first thing he noticed was the spiritual tree hanging over the clear lake of spiritual sense in the center of Austin's Soul Sea. He was very impressed.

"If I didn't just give you my spiritual orb, I would definitely rob your spiritual tree," the Flame Emperor playfully said.

"It is a top-level treasure even in the Divine Continent, after all!"

The Flame Emperor sighed in admiration.

Austin couldn't help but laugh upon hearing his words.

"Maybe the Flame Emperor isn't a real gentleman as I thought he was. It is wise that I have taken his spiritual orb," he quietly told himself.

Next, Austin and Angus left the place where the Flame Emperor's had stayed through a transmission channel.

The transmission channel brought them to a small room which was on the third floor of the Emperor Library.

Austin and Angus then headed for the entrance of the Mysterious Nether World.

After half an hour, above the palace in the imperial capital city of Violet Orchid Empire, somewhere in the sky was noticeably torn apart.

Strands of powerful spatial forces were transmitted through the space crack, revealing Austin and Angus as they confidently walked through it. .

The space crack began to close and disappear into thin air like nothing happened.

"I have left the Prime Martial World for more than five hundred years.

was alert upon seeing the three elders, but Austin could understand Angus' feelings. Angus was almost killed by his disciple, Lyman, which cast a shadow over him forever. It was hard for Angus to totally trust someone.

Austin carefully introduced them to each other.

When Angus heard the news that one of the elders was Austin's master, he immediately relaxed himself.

For Austin's sake, Godwin, Peter, and Julius chose to be polite towards Angus.

But all of them were secretly guessing who Angus was. The entire being was mysterious. Austin didn't tell the elders that he went to the Mysterious Nether World to help Angus rebuild his body, which explained why Godwin, Peter, and Julius were unaware of Angus.

So Godwin, Peter and Julius didn't know the existence of Angus.

They came here because of Austin's request.

"Austin, who on here is this Angus?"

He gives off an aura of mystery. I believe that he isn't an ordinary person, so I am a bit curious about his identity."

Godwin threw questions at Austin through spiritual sense.

After giving it a thought, Austin explained Angus's real identity to Godwin through spiritual sense message.

He realized that sooner or later, Godwin would definitely know the truth.

"What? Austin, do you mean that he is the founder of the Magic Hand Sect?"

Godwin shouted through his spiritual sense as he froze after knowing who Angus really was. He stared at the latter with wide eyes.

"Godwin, what's wrong with you?"

Peter and Julius asked through spiritual sense. Obviously, they noticed Godwin's expression.

Godwin then told Angus's real identity to Peter and Julius.


He is the founder of the Magic Hand Sect!"

Peter and Julius couldn't believe what they had heard.

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