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   Chapter 1413 Pursuit Of Martial Arts

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The journey didn't last too long and very soon, Austin and Angus reached an empty room which was so vast that it might have easily extended a dozen miles.

This room, was located on the third floor of the Emperor Library.

A faded portrait was hanging on the wall and one could barely make out its subject: a middle-aged man with a graceful appearance and a noble-featured face. He was standing in the picture, with hands on his back, and there was a deep and sharp look in his eyes. However, this was no mere painting. It was, what one might call a doorway of sorts.

"Can this painting get us to the Flame Emperor?"

Angus asked, as he looked at the picture on the wall with a curious expression.

Austin merely nodded in confirmation without saying a word, and then used his spiritual sense to activate the painting.

Just as Angus was looking at the painting and about to say how dilapidated it was, optical waves emitted from it and flew towards them.

Then, a black dot appeared in the middle of the picture. It began to grow bigger by the minute and very soon, it had formed a black whirlpool.

Austin calmly stepped into the center of the whirlpool and Angus followed pursuit.

The two of them were instantly transported;

within the span of a second, they found themselves standing in a vast, green, and fresh-looking lawn.


Austin, is that really you? Of course it is you!"

They could see that a man was striding towards them with a warm pace. He was dressed in flaming red robes and looked powerful despite his friendly appearance.

He was the Flame Emperor.

As soon as Austin had entered the Emperor Library, the Flame Emperor had sensed his presence and he had been expecting him.

"Oh, and Angus is here too. Good. It has been quite a while since we last met, huh?

Hang on?

You even rebuilt your physical body? Damn!

And shit I'm so envious of you," the Flame Emperor greeted Angus.

He had noticed that Angus had risen from the dead and had also noticed the prime condition he was in.

There was an obviously envious tone in his voice.

To be frank, Angus had also looked forward to remodeling his body, and the Flame Emperor himself was eager to come back to life too.

But Angus had beaten him to it and had also upgraded his body.

"Oh, there is no need to get jealous, or even envious. I am sure you too will come back from the dead one day, and pretty soon,"

Angus assured him with a genuine smile.

Even though the Flame Emperor and he hadn't been on the best of terms initially, and had also fought with each other, they had made amends and become good friends after knowing what they two h

from fading into thin air even after exiting the Soul Sea. They could either be kept in containers with some arcane spells or magic treasures that had the power to nourish them or in certain environments which made it possible, they could exist for a longer period of time than usually possible.

Austin was aware of the fact that the place where the Flame Emperor had been living until now was a special space which could nourish his soul for a long time. That was how his soul hadn't ended up faded by now.

That was also the case with Angus. His spiritual soul had also survived a few hundred years in the valley.

But once the Flame Emperor's spiritual soul left this special space, Austin was worried that he would perish soon, vanishing into thin air and disappearing without a trace.

The Emperor, however, had a plan!

"Oh, don't worry. I can enter your Soul Sea. I'll be safe as long as I stay inside,"

the Flame Emperor assured him with a laugh.

"Hey yeah, you're right. Why didn't I think of that?" Austin remarked, his face lighting up.

'The guy's right. Once he enters my Soul Sea, it will replenish him and he won't fade out due to energy loss.'

"You plan to enter Austin's Soul Sea?"

Angus murmured with a stunned look at the Flame Emperor. This was unexpected!

"Oh no, no. Don't look at me that way. I know why you're so concerned.

Rest easy. It won't hurt him. I will give him an orb of my spiritual soul

That way, if at any point of time, I do try to hurt him, he could stop me instantly," the Flame Emperor explained flatly.

To be blunt, he was completely dependent on Austin for fulfilling his wishes right now. What was more, he fully trusted him.

Therefore, he didn't mind putting his life completely in Austin's hands.

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