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   Chapter 1412 Is That Brat Coming Back

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"Of course not. I was at the Semi-emperor Realm before I died.

But my flesh has lost too much life essence.

It might take me a long time to regain my real strength,"

Angus said as he sighed slightly.

'I'm glad to come back to life.

The only thing that troubles me is my cultivation base fall from the Semi-emperor Realm to the Primal Holy Realm, ' he thought.

Austin looked at him and furrowed his eyebrows. Somehow, something he said caught his attention.

"What makes you regress in your cultivation base? Is it because your flesh lost too much vitality?"

he asked.

Angus, then, nodded. "Yes.

Although I used some arcane spell to keep this body, it has lost too much life essence through the years.

After all, it has been over five hundred years since my death.

As I have hibernated during those years, now, I have to cultivate step by step.

I only hope one day I could get back to my original cultivation level,"

Angus replied.

"Is there anything we can do to help you quickly restore your original vitality?" Austin asked.

He could feel the disappointment in Angus's voice when the latter replied, almost hesitantly.

"Yes, actually, there is.

But it's kind of difficult." He looked at Austin to check if he was still following. He was, but even Austin already felt unsure, hanging on to Angus's next words.

"If we can find the Magic Sea Water—one of the three legendary magic liquid, it could replenish the life essence I have lost.

Magic Sea Water contains valuable life source. It is said to have the ability to help anyone regrow lost limbs or organs, and even resurrect the dead.

I heard that the mermaid tribe who lives in the depth of the Middle World Waters keeps a small amount of Magic Sea Water.

If we can get some Magic Sea Water from them, perhaps I can recover my lost vitality soon.

But I have never met those sea beasts in the Middle World Waters yet. I don't think they will help us,"

Angus replied after contemplating for a while.

'Magic Sea Water?' Austin thought.

The frown on Austin's face disappeared instantly as he remembered something.

He then grinned with a relieved expression on his face. Maybe he could help Angus restore the life essence he lost.

"If you need other precious treasures, I might not be able to get them to you immediately.

But if it's the Magic Sea Water, things are much easier..."

He touched his Space Ring with his index

ot acquainted after we entered the Mysterious Nether World.

Five hundred years ago, I ran into the entrance of Mysterious Nether World when I was pursued by Lyman. Out of options, I broke into this world.

Later on, I found the valley and dwelled in there.

About forty years later, the Flame Emperor barged into the Mysterious Nether World, too. At that time, he was dying.

Desperate, he entered the Medicine Valley by chance and spotted me. We actually had a fight.

As time passed by, we shared stories with each other and found that we had the similar experiences. That's when we decided to settle and live with our differences and finally made peace.

He, then, stayed in the Emperor Library."

Angus stared at the palace as he told Austin his history with the Flame Emperor.

Now, Austin understood how they got acquainted.

"Let's go meet the Flame Emperor, Angus,"

Austin proposed, eager to finally meet him.

"Okay. I'd like to see this guy,"

Angus responded with a smile.

Austin shook his head and smirked back at him as the two of them dashed towards the palace.

Meanwhile, on the third floor of the Emperor Library, a human shaped shadow was sitting cross-legged on the top of a gigantic scarlet pillar.

The man was dressed in red and was meditating with his eyes closed. He looked like a well-read scholar.

All of a sudden, he opened his eyes, gleaming, obviously reflecting what he felt inside.

His eyes radiated sheer joy reverberating through his entirety.

"Is that brat coming back?"

the man murmured with untold delight in his voice, as he smiled slowly at his thought.

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