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   Chapter 1411 The Resurrection Of Angus

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After the burning fire roasted Angus's body in the herbal pot for several minutes, Angus tossed a tenth grade spiritual herb in the pot with a wave of his hand.

The red flames in the herbal pot immediately wrapped around the herb and began to grill it.

Within the time span of a few breaths, the liquid of the tenth grade spiritual herb was being extracted within the pot.

A great strand of pure spiritual energy came out of the green liquid. The amazing spiritual energy made the air around the herbal pot tremble a bit.

Those precious natural resources Austin collected were of great value, each contained wonderful spiritual energy.

Austin admired Angus's superior technique of controlling the degree of heating.

Angus's ability to control fire was better than his own technique.

During his training, Angus passed down his skill of medicine refinement to Austin.

But during the past two years, Austin only focused on martial arts. He spent little time in refining elixirs.

Consequently, Austin was just a grade four pill refiner. Compared with Angus, he was much weaker when it came to refining elixirs.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As more precious natural resources were put into the herbal pot, a strong strand of spiritual energy spread from the old brown purple herbal pot.

Half an hour later, all the precious materials had been refined and their essences were fully extracted.

Numerous colorful essences of the precious materials were hanging inside the herbal pot. They began to surround Angus's body and slowly began spinning.

Angus had a stern look on his face. There were even beads of sweat forming on his forehead.


Angus took a deep breath and sighed with relief.

Then he stretched out his hand and pressed the herbal pot.

The extracted essences from the precious treasures all poured out and dashed towards Angus's


He darted in circles across the sky and stretched out his hands and legs. It seemed that he was getting reacquainted with his body again.

"Excellent! Welcome back to the realm of the living!" Austin shouted happily.

He looked at Angus who was laughing in the air and was clearly in high spirits.

Helping Angus rebuild his body had been Austin's goal for the past two years. Now, he finally did it.

Half an hour later, Angus finally landed on the ground. His face was still brimming with joy from being alive again.


Austin, don't tease me,"

Angus told Austin, his smile still beaming.

"Don't worry. I understand what you're feeling right now,"

Austin replied to Angus while also branding a huge smile.

Angus wasn't a specter anymore. He was now one with the living again.

Austin used his spiritual senses and determined that Angus's vital energy force was at the medium stage of Primal Holy Realm.

"Angus, you're at the Primal Holy Realm, but how? You were definitely above that, weren't you?"

Austin curiously asked Angus.

According to Angus, he had built the Magic Hand Sect by himself.

If he was only at the Primal Holy Realm, it wouldn't be possible for him to build a sect by himself.

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