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   Chapter 1410 Meeting Angus Again

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The valley was covered with dense green grass and beautiful flowers. Enchanting, fresh fragrances of various flowers were floating gently in the air.

There was a small, antique-style wooden house within the valley. In front of the wooden house, there was an open space which grew many rare magical medicinal herbs. The faint fragrance of these herbs was being carried all around by the wind.

Before the open space, there was a pond. It covered an area of approximately 667 square kilometers. The pond water was so clear that a multitude of fishes could be seen while they were swimming freely at the bottom.

Unaffected by all these charming scenes, Austin directly fixed his eyes on the wooden door of that small wooden house.

Within the small wooden house, there lived a slightly old-looking elder with grizzled hair. He was dressed in a black robe. He looked quite mysterious. Surprisingly, it was just an incorporeal body presented by his soul, not himself in the flesh. So was his current attire. Rather, he had already perished long ago and his physical body had become lifeless.

This old man was Angus.

"Oh!" said Angus suddenly.

He exerted his spiritual sense to check what was happening outside the house.

"Austin is here!"

Angus exclaimed, trembling slightly with great surprise and excitement.

He waved his incorporeal hand for once, making his sleeve float in the air. By the power of his hand's movement, the wooden door of his house flung open immediately. He swiftly went outside the house, using his bodily movement skill.


Rushing outside the small wooden house, Angus gazed at the slender and slightly thin young man standing at a short distance. Faint tears appeared and moistened his incorporeal eyes.

Angus seldom showed his emotions to anyone. He was emotionally reserved, after witnessing and experiencing vicissitudes of life for several hundred years.

However, he found it hard to suppress his emotions this time. His incorporeal body and hands trembled with happiness and excitement.

He clearly knew what Austin's presence meant to him.


Austin quickly came to Angus's side, using his bodily movement skill.

They both looked and smiled at each other. Without uttering a word, they could know each other's feelings. And gladly it was mutual.

"Austin, are you at the Primal Holy Realm now?"

Angus sensed the vibe of vital energy force that exuded from Austin's body. He was shocked to know Austin's current cultivation realm.

"Yes indeed! If I hadn't reached the Primal Holy Realm, I would not have mustered up the courage to see you again,

ier when I needed it the most. This is what I can do to repay you for your kindness.

Now that all things are ready, let's get it started,"

Austin said promptly.

"All right. Let's begin.

Austin, listen. First, you need to release the Scorching Evil Fire, which is to be used for this process.

Then, you need to stand near me and guard me against external distractions."

Angus took a deep breath. His incorporeal face was calm and serious. He knew that the decisive time to revive his physical body had come.

"Alright Angus!"

Austin responded with a nod. He stretched out his right hand and activated his spiritual sense. A small ball of scarlet flames started fluttering as it appeared in his palm. It was the Scorching Evil Fire.

Angus waved his incorporeal hand to make the Scorching Evil Fire leave Austin's palm. Then he controlled the fire and made it move towards the top of his incorporeal head.

Angus was the former owner of the Scorching Evil Fire. Therefore, even now, he could control it better than Austin.

Austin stepped back a little bit to avoid distracting Angus.

First, Angus sat down with his incorporeal legs crossed. Sitting still with eyes closed, he began meditating for a while.

About half an hour later, Angus opened his incorporeal eyes and waved his hand to exert power.


The ball of the Scorching Evil Fire above Angus's incorporeal head moved into the herbal pot. So swift was its movement that the ball of fire looked more like a shadow.


All of a sudden, the flames of the scarlet fire began roaring as they burnt within the herbal pot.

Wrapped by the scarlet fire inside the herbal pot, Angus's lifeless physical body looked mysteriously odd and spine-chilling.

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