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   Chapter 1409 Return To The Mysterious Nether World

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After entering the imperial capital city, Austin rushed towards the royal palace without any further delay.

The entrance of the Mysterious Nether World was through the garden behind the royal palace. It was in the sky above a square.

Before he arrived at the royal palace, Austin released his spiritual sense and checked the surroundings. He wanted to give the surroundings a thorough look just to be sure that there was no threat or danger around.

Soon, Austin discovered the presence of the emperor of the Violet Orchid Empire.

Earlier, the emperor of the Violet Orchid Empire and the other members of the royal family had gone to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, under Austin's lead. They had stayed at Master Li's place.

Soon after the demon race in the South Continent had been wiped out, the emperor, together with the other members of the royal family rushed back to the Violet Orchid Empire. He planned to resume his position as the emperor once again.

Though he felt the presence of the emperor, Austin did not go to meet him.

He did so because the main purpose of his visit this time was to enter the Mysterious Nether World.

It was the most important thing he needed to do, to help Angus rebuild his physical body.

"How dare you! Who are you?

You've got the courage to roam about like this in front of the royal palace! Have you lost your mind?"

Austin had just reached the gates of the royal palace when he heard those words. Some guards found him and started shouting at him. They surrounded him as if he was a bad guy, out to harm the people living in the palace.

Austin gave a soft and calm smile. If he had met such a situation in earlier times, he would have got into a fight against the guards.

But things had changed now. He had improved his strength so much. His mind had developed and transformed greatly as well. The guards in front of him were only at the eighth or ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm. The strongest one was probably at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm.

Being so powerful now, Austin had become more serene and cautious of his actions. It was quite a small thing for him to mind and react on what they said.

So, Austin used his Diabolic Flashing Skill directly. In a blink of an eye, he had arrived at the square of the garden behind the royal palace.

The guards were dumbstruck as they only saw something flash in front of them and the figure disappeared completely.

Greatly surprised, the guards shouted loudly for a while.

In the end, they reached the conclusion that their eyes were playing tricks with them. They agreed that they had been mistaken about seeing a figure, a few moments ago.

Austin came to the square of the garden behind the royal palace. Surprisingly, he sensed some secret spatial force in the sky

e deep valley ahead him.

Inside the valley, all things, including rocks and the ground seemed to have been burned. Everything looked black, dry and crackling sounds could be heard like a fire had just devoured it all.

It was the Fire Valley!

At once Austin realized that the valley truly was the Fire Valley, in the Mysterious Nether World.

He recollected how he had obtained the Scorching Evil Fire from the Fire Valley.

So finally he knew that he was in the Mysterious Nether World now.

Austin heaved a sigh of relief.

Coming into the Mysterious Nether World again, Austin recollected the memories of that one month when he had stayed there for the first time.

He remembered how he was a young man in high spirits and the days that were full of pressure. He remembered how he was eager to improve and better himself at every opportunity. He sighed.

'Angus, here I am again, ' he said in his mind.

Quickly Austin started his bodily movement skill and ran in the direction of the Medicine Valley.

Being so quick, Austin reached the deep area of the Medicine Valley in a few breaths. At the end of it there was a cliff.

Near the cliff, green vines were growing. It was smooth with moss.

On the cliff, there was a stone wall which was as smooth as a mirror. It was the entrance to the place where Angus lived.

Austin did not hesitate and stepped towards the smooth stone wall.

Very gently his body touched the stone wall.

The moment his body made contact with the wall, strange ripples appeared suddenly on the stone wall. The ripples moved in circles, like the surface of a lake would move when something touched it.

Slowly and carefully Austin let his whole body pass through the stone wall.

The next moment, Austin stepped on another land.

He saw a small and quiet valley in front of him. It seemed enchanting and serene.

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