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   Chapter 1408 Generous Gifts

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After hearing Austin's reply, Murray couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"I'm so glad to hear that. You're the commander of the A.L. Army.

I knew you would do something big. You never ceased to disappoint me,"

he gushed with a distinct hint of admiration.

Murray was the happiest one after knowing that Austin was the famous commander of the A.L. Army.

He was the one who brought Austin to the Sun Sect and trained him as his disciple. Under his guidance, Austin had become the best outer disciple.

Later, Austin sustained brain damage and became an idiot; it was also Murray who had been taking care of him secretly.

Austin then recovered and become stronger, and since then, he had kept an eye on him.

Murray used to be like a strict teacher and a good father to the young man.

Now that Murray was certain that Austin was the renowned commander of the A.L. Army, he was pleased with the latter's growth. As his former guardian, he felt proud of Austin's accomplishments.

Theon, the other elders, and stewards stood still, not daring to treat Austin casually like they just did.

They looked at Austin in awe.

'He is the commander of the A.L. Army, the hero on the South Continent.

Under his leadership, the A.L. Army and Southern Alliances Army wiped out the demons who came to conquer the Prime Martial World, ' they all thought in astonishment.

Then suddenly, a change in the air filled the entire hall as the atmosphere became stiff and awkward.

"Commander Austin, we didn't recognize you. Please forgive us for being so negligent,"

Theon said carefully as he finally recovered from the shock.

"What's wrong with you, guys? Yeah, I'm the commander of the A.L. Army alright, but it's not a big deal,"

Austin responded, feeling overwhelmed at the reaction of the people he was acquainted with.

He was fully aware that they grew scared of him after knowing his identity.

Austin's words shocked everyone in the lobby.

'You kidding me?

You are the most popular cultivator in the Prime Martial World.

No one would dare to provoke you, ' they all thought but dared not to say it out loud.

"Come on, don't be so formal. Just treat me the same way you used to.

Anyway, I was a common disciple of the Sun Sect, and you were my elders.

No matter how successful I have become, you'll always be my elders and seniors.

Have a seat,"

Austin offered sincerely, feeling a little bit nostalgic with the presence of some familiar faces.

His light statement somewhat eased the intense vibe in the entire hall.

"Commander Austin, now that you said so, we'll sit down," Theon responded politely.

He could tell that Austin was sincere about what he said.

So he acted rig

rystals monthly.

Obviously, Sun Sect lacked cultivation resources.

But Austin gave Theon twenty million divine vital energy crystals just now as if it were nothing to him.

A superior vital energy crystal was equal to a thousand ordinary vital energy crystals; a divine vital energy crystal could be exchanged for at least ten thousand superior vital energy crystals.

Twenty million divine vital energy crystals were really a big fortune for the Sun Sect. In fact, it was equivalent to the revenue of their sect for several hundred years.

Austin's gift to Theon would sustain the Sun Sect for many years.

Everyone in the hall was left dumbfounded for several minutes.

Moments later, Murray was able to recover from his shock.

'What's inside the Space Ring Austin gave me?' he suddenly wondered.

He utilized his spiritual sense to probe on the ring.

Just like Theon, he, too, was bewildered at what he saw.

His mind grew a blank as if he was hallucinating in mid-day.

There were one hundred million divine vital energy crystals inside the Space Ring.

Murray was an essential part of Austin's life and development. He was there when only a few people believed in the young man.

So it was only right to gift him such abundant resources.

Mindy took out the Space Ring and probed into it with her spiritual sense.

Just like Murray, she was astonished to perceive what was contained in it.

There were ten million divine vital energy crystals in her Space Ring gift!

Austin left everyone in the hall thoroughly dumbfounded with their eyes wide, mouths agape, and mind almost completely blank.

Meanwhile, he was already above the imperial capital city.

He put the chariot aside and came down.

'I'm coming, Angus, Flame Emperor, '

Austin thought as he looked not too far ahead.

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