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   Chapter 1407 Are You Commander Austin Of The A.L. Army

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"The dragon feminine constitution is so amazing. Now you've reached the premium stage of Imperial Realm,"

Austin said while he was smiling at Mindy.

He figured out her cultivation base thanks to his spiritual sense.

When Austin left the Violet Orchid Empire back then, Mindy had just reached the preliminary stage of Earth Realm.

Since then, she proceeded to skip three realms within three years. It was safe to say that she was a talented cultivator.

Apparently her dragon feminine constitution was instrumental to her rapid progress in martial arts.

Although cultivators at the premium stage of Imperial Realm were basically losers in the three holy kingdoms, they were the strongest among the Violet Orchid Empire.

Using his spiritual sense, Austin found out that Theon and the five elders of the Sun Sect were at the Mysterious Realm while those stewards remained at the Earth Realm.

This meant that Mindy had the highest cultivation base in the Sun Sect.

No wonder she qualified to be an elder at such a young age.

"How is your cultivation base, Austin? You seem to have grown stronger that even I couldn't figure out your real strength.

I feel you could defeat me without even lifting your finger," Mindy said, her eyes full of curiosity.

There was a mysterious emotion in her eyes.

She was thrilled to meet Austin again, but she didn't know why.

'What's wrong with me? Why would I be so excited to see his face again?' she asked herself.

Austin had reached the preliminary stage of Primal Holy Realm while Mindy was just at the Imperial Realm. His vital energy level was much higher than Mindy's. That was why she failed to see through Austin's real cultivation base.

"I'm flattered. My cultivation base is slightly higher than yours,"

Austin replied to Mindy, making sure to hide his actual strength.

After talking with Mindy, Austin strode towards a steward he saw earli

tin, I heard that the leader of A.L. Army is called Austin Lin. Are you that Commander Austin?"

Theon asked hesitantly.

"Yes, that's me.

I'm Commander Austin of the A.L. Army. You should have found me easily," Austin replied, confirming Theon's assumption.

Noting that the rest were staring at him with a skeptical look on their faces, Austin was further confused.

"What? You're the commander of the A.L. Army!"

Everyone present jumped to their feet, their eyes almost popping out.

The next minute, a dead silence enveloped the hall.

All of them stared blankly at Austin, unable to think clearly.

They were having a hard time believing the news.

'Why are they so shocked?'

Austin couldn't help but find the situation hilarious.

A few moments passed by until Theon came back to his senses and opened his mouth.

"Commander Austin, I didn't..."

He was still too astonished to say another word.

"Are you really Commander Austin of the A.L. Army, Austin?"

Murray asked, emphasizing each syllable after taking a deep breath.

Mindy fixed her eyes on Austin, trying to figure out whether Austin was telling the truth.

"You don't believe me? I am the commander of the A.L. Army. Why are you acting so dramatically?"

Austin was speechless.

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