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   Chapter 1406 Back To The Sun Sect

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"Sir, don't say that. After all, the Sky Sect forced you all to leave the Stone City because of me.

But don't worry. I will ask Brandon to protect all of you on the way back to Stone City,"

said Austin to assure the man. He felt so guilty for being the reason why the Meng Clan had to leave the Stone City.

He reached for his pocket and took out a Space Ring. He handed it over to Marwell.

"Sir, all the things inside this Space Ring were retrieved from the headquarters of the Sky Sect.

It was the Sky Sect that had forced your clan to leave Stone City. These are what they have paid for that mistake.

Just take them, please,"

Austin said as he offered the Space Ring on his hand.

Marwell looked hesitantly at the ring. He looked back and forth from the ring, then to Austin. At first, he refused to accept it. However, Austin persisted and said that they deserved it. After much persuasion from Austin, he finally took it.

He knew that Austin was right. It was under the Sky Sect's decision that the Meng Clan had to leave Stone City at that time. It was only reasonable for them to pay for what they had done.

After the negotiation between the two, Marwell and Michelle departed for Stone City. They had the other people from the Meng Clan tailing behind them.

Austin watched the group leave. He didn't try to stop them anymore, because he knew it would be in vain.

Instead, he summoned Brandon to follow and keep an eye on them. He gave his promise to protect the Meng Clan on their way back to Stone City. Brandon was accompanied by tens of thousands of soldiers from the A.L. Army.

Like Clark, Brandon was also a vice-commander of the A.L. Army. He was in the Semi-holy Realm. He was also known to be a great soldier. Knowing his skills, it will be easy for him to protect the Meng Clan.

What was more was that no one dared to hurt Austin's men in fear of his wrath. They were untouchable.

Their travel back to the Stone City didn't took long.

As soon as they arrived, Marwell took out the Space Ring Austin gave to him. He wondered what it contained. He was eager to find out how many treasures were there.

He used his spiritual sense to feel the Space Ring but he was stunned by what he sensed. It was like that he was under control by some kind of magic.

What he sensed made him totally dumbfounded.

Michelle noticed her Dad's stunned face. "Dad, what's wrong?"

Michelle asked worriedly. Her worry grew when her father didn't answer her at first. She repeated her question but it was her who turned to be surprised.

"There are eighty million divine vital energy crystals in the Space Ring!"

Marwell explained. His voice reflected disbelief.

Upon hearing her father's words, Michelle stared at the Space Ring in Marwell's hand in surprise. She was too stunned to utter a word. She couldn't believe it.

Eighty million divine vital energy crystals!

That was a great

ted Theon. Seeing the approaching man, he was shocked. He immediately stood up and looked at Austin in surprise.

"It indeed is Austin!"

The other senior members of the Sun Sect also stood up and looked at Austin with surprise and excitement twinkling in their eyes.

None of them minded that Austin interrupted their discussion.

They already adored the young man back then. Even before, when Austin left the Violet Orchid Empire, he was already the strongest one in the empire. He showed power and great potential then.

The Sun Sect's elders and stewards knew it well. They didn't dare to intimidate Austin with their authority. In terms of strength, they stood no chance against him.

Besides, Austin was once a disciple of their sect. Now that he became so powerful, they couldn't help but feel proud of him. They had a special feeling towards Austin as their sect's very own pride.

"It is me. Long time no see, everyone,"

Austin greeted them with a big smile. He was genuinely happy to see all of them again.

"Ho-ho, Mindy, it surprises me that you have become an elder of the Sun Sect."

Austin turned his attention to a woman. She was beautiful with snow-white skin. Her small face was pretty and she had a womanly figure that was slim and attractive.

The members in the hall varied in age. Some of the senior members were about thirty or forty while some were about fifty or even sixty.

This woman was the only young member of the group. She looked so young among them, making her stand out.

Austin knew that woman, she was who he called Mindy.

Based from where Mindy sat, Austin immediately guessed that she was now a member of the sect's elders.

"Austin, stop playing with me. Compared to you, I am nothing."

Mindy answered back with the same playful attitude. She was happy to see Austin again. She initiatively walked up to Austin and greeted him with a smile.

Her beautiful eyes fell on her old friend.

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