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   Chapter 1405 The Day We Will Meet

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Above the valley.

An hour later, the lightning piercing the skies eventually subsided.

The black clouds started to roll away, allowing the light to shine through and brighten the plane once again.

With the final cloud disappearing, the sun was again shining in the sky.

'Haha, is it supposed to end like this?'

Austin clenched his hands. The vital energy force more powerful than before burst out from his body.

He was now at the preliminary stage of Primal Holy Realm!

Although Austin's fighting prowess was far more advanced than his actual cultivation base, he was well aware that his cultivation base was still the most important

as it could decide how high a level he could achieve in the martial art path.

So now, Austin was very delighted to have broken through to the Primal Holy Realm.


The thunder unicorn roared through the sky as loudly as thunder rolled during a fierce storm. Then it belched lightly before returning to Austin's elixir field.

Austin could now control it by simply using his mind.

He could sense that the thunder unicorn had improved his strength after swallowing the thunder and lightning. It must have been at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm.

Cultivating the thunder unicorn was simple. All it needed to do was to swallow more of the thunder and lightning energy.

But the problem was that Austin did not know where he could find plenty of thunder and lightning energy to feed it.

This was the reason why its strength did not improved greatly for the longest time.

After putting away the thunder unicorn into his elixir field, Austin looked towards the southwest direction.

"Angus, and the Flame Emperor, now we have the opportunity to see each other!"

Austin murmured.

Previously, Austin made deals with Angus and the Flame Emperor that after he broke through to the Primal Holy Realm, he would return to the Mysterious Nether World and meet both of them immediately.

In Austin's mind, both Angus and the Flame Emperor were important people.

When Austin met them previously, he was not powerful enough.

But Angus and the Flame Emperor helped him immensely so

he could easily have any city, no matter where it was.

The whole South Continent, all the sects, including the loyal families of all the countries, would approve Austin's request.

"No, thank you. We have made up our mind to make the Stone City as our base.

After all, most of us were born and grew up there.

The Stone City is the exactly place where why came from.

Of course, if the Meng Clan grows bigger, it will develop into other cities."

Michelle refused Austin's offer, shaking her head. Her mind was clearly made up even before they had the conversation.

Obviously, she didn't want to rely on Austin to develop the Meng Clan.

Looking at the pretty face with some air of arrogance, Austin didn't know what to say at that moment.

Gazing at her tall and curvy body, Austin suddenly remembered that night when he was in the Stone City, Michelle ran into his room at midnight and began taking off all her clothes.

She did that to convince him to help the Meng Clan to fight against the Wei Clan.

Austin still remembered her svelte body which was as smooth and pristine as jade.

"So... if you or your clan need my help on anything, please let me know. Don't be a stranger."

This was the only way Austin could reply to the girl.

"Austin, thank you very much. The Meng Clan would have been completely wiped out if you hadn't helped us,"

Marwell said to Austin with sincerity coming out of his words.

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