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   Chapter 1404 Break Through The Thunderstroke Doom

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Dark clouds gathered in the sky and it loomed over the valley in such a way as if it was about to devour the valley.

At that time, Austin had his complete focus on practicing the Golden Sun Scripture.

The golden ball above his head was drawing the spiritual energy from those divine vital energy crystals.

People around the valley also noticed what was going on above the valley.

At Master Li's abode in the mountain, people had their eyes fixed on the valley.

They were no other than Godwin, Julius, Peter and Master Li himself.

"Ha-ha looks like Austin is preparing to go through the Thunder-stroke Doom.

It suggests that he is destined to achieve the highest level in martial arts,"

Godwin said with a beaming smile, fixing his eyes on the dark clouds.

"Austin is an exceptionally talented cultivator.

I had already foreseen this much earlier.

I don't understand why do you doubt about him not being able to go through the Thunderstroke Doom. You should give him more credit for his ability,"

Peter shared his observation with Godwin.

"It is an absolute mandate for a cultivator to experience the Thunderstroke Doom when he is breaking into the Primal Holy Realm. If he doesn't, it means he will not have high achievement in the martial arts.

But if one goes through the Thunderstroke Doom, it means he is worthy and talented enough for the other progressive levels in the future.

As far as I can observe, Austin will swim through the Thunderstroke Doom,"

Julius said, agreeing with Peter.

Fifteen minutes later, on the mountain...

"Crack! Crack! Crack!"

All of a sudden a series of lightning flashed repeatedly through the clouds above the valley.

It illuminated the sky for a few moments making it appear like the breaking of the dawn.

The next minute, the valley was almost bombarded with bolts of lightning.

Austin was sitting calmly cross-legged in the valley.

"They are finally coming!" he said opening his eyes abruptly.

There was a sparkle in his eyes and his face turned ferocious.


In a blink of an eye, he turned into a shadow and soared high into the sky.

Waves of overwhelming vital energy gushed out from his body and hurled at the clouds.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The bolts of lightning which came in contact with Austin were shattered by the violent vital energy that he had released.

After that, Austin floated in the mid-air.

It seemed like Austin's actions provoked some more p

, turning to Marwell.

"Yes. Everything is settled. We can set off anytime. But do you have the heart to leave Austin?"

Marwell hesitated.

"Dad, Austin and I are not meant to be together. You can see how successful he is now.

Now that everything is ready, we can leave tomorrow.

After all, Stone City is our home."

When Michelle spoke, she compressed her lower lip and tears welled up her eyes.

To stop herself from losing herself and revealing her feeling, she just turned around and walked away.

"My foolish little girl, why can't you just face your true feeling honestly?" Marwell sighed, looking at her retreating figure.

He felt heartbroken to see that his daughter had chosen to run away from the man she loved.

On another peak stood two gorgeous maids with a middle-aged man. The three of them had their eyes fixed on Austin.

One of the girls had an oval face and a pair of arched eyebrows. Her pearl necklace made her look adorable. She was innocent and sprightly. Her name was Sue.

The other girl was blessed with a svelte, hour-glass figure. Her black, smooth hair fell idly behind her back tied up with a silver ribbon. She exuded a graceful aura. She was Ivy.

They had been engaged with Austin.

"Mike, cultivators at the Primal Holy Realm are incredibly powerful, aren't they?"

Sue asked curiously.

"Of course they are. No one in our country had reached the Primal Holy Realm yet.

But now Austin is going to make it.

My ladies, you have chosen the right person.

Austin is a promising young man and he will be a very good husband,"

Mike replied with a smile, feeling happy for the two girls.

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